Companies using PayJustNow

PayJustNow is a payment option that allows customers to purchase items from ecommerce sites and pay for their orders in installments over time. It is a "buy now, pay later" checkout option that provides consumers with flexibility when making purchases. Customers can buy products and split their payments into three equal interest-free installments over six weeks. This service is beneficial for those who don't have the funds to make an immediate purchase or prefer to spread their payments out over time. PayJustNow provides a seamless checkout experience that integrates with various online stores, making it easier for customers to complete their purchases without leaving the website they are shopping on. With PayJustNow, merchants can increase their sales by offering more payment options to customers while improving customer satisfaction by providing a more flexible payment option.

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106 companies are currently using PayJustNow



shopify experts, meta bus..

47 Employees$48K - $33K$73K south africa61%Export

tape is a chain of retail..

24 Employees$8K - $8K$91K south africa4%Export


22 Employees$40K - $13K$57K south africa56%Export
Veldskoen Shoes

the official veldskoen li..

19 Employees$32K - $26K$67K south africa54%Export
Cheeba Africa

africa's leading cannabis..

14 Employees$31K - $33K$80K south africa
NPL - Nutritional Perform..

world class formulations ..

30 Employees$41K - $24K$76K south africa10%Export
Dear Rae Jewellery

a proudly south african b..

10 Employees$32K - $21K$80K south africa70%Export
Deeliver is a premi..

4 Employees$26K - $17K$66K south africa56%Export
Fastrak Trading 650 (Pty)..

think sound, think fastra..

102 Employees$45K - $37K$72K south africa61%Export

bringing the world closer..

7 Employees$36K - $7K$76K south africa76%Export
Kingsley Heath

106 Employees$44K - $41K$72K south africa92%Export

try something new today

4 Employees$8K - $45K$80K south africa78%Export
SPCC® / Sergeant Pepper C..


38 Employees$3K - $32K$61K south africa16%Export

iconic, limited edition s..

4 Employees$21K - $27K$56K south africa9%Export
Chepa Streetwear

african print streetwear

6 Employees$15K - $4K$83K south africa85%Export

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Using PayJustNow for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing PayJustNow can serve as a vital resource for sales teams in multiple aspects. First and foremost, it provides insight into businesses that value modern and flexible payment solutions, making it highly lucrative for sales teams offering related services like eCommerce platforms, payment gateways, or financial tech solutions.

Designed for eCommerce sites, PayJustNow provides a 'buy now, pay later' checkout option. Businesses employing this service stand as innovative and customer-centric, indicating they are open to technologies that can enhance their customer shopping experience. For any sales team targeting such proactive organizations, this list becomes an indispensable asset.

Furthermore, the list can assist sales teams to understand industry trends, identify which sectors are more inclined toward such payment options, and tailor their selling strategies accordingly. By actively monitoring which companies are joining or leaving the list, sales teams can also gain a pulse of the market, helping to predict potential client needs and concerns.

Lastly, from a strategic point of view, organizations on this list might have an immediate need for adjoining services. For instance, these firms may be on the lookout for enhanced security solutions for their payment systems, better eCommerce design and development services, or advanced analytics to understand their customer purchase behavior better.

Let’s also not ignore the fact that, with direct access to these companies, sales teams can significantly reduce the time spent on prospecting and lead generation, letting them focus on developing compelling pitches and closing deals.

In conclusion, a list of companies utilizing PayJustNow is of paramount importance to sales teams. It is not just a list of potential leads, but instead, a gateway to a realm of forward-thinking organizations eager to stay ahead of eCommerce trends. Armed with this knowledge, any sales team can better position their own services and tools, and step in with the right offer at the right time.

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