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p5.js is a JavaScript library that's particularly geared towards creative coding. Originating from the idea of 'sketching' in code, the library provides an accessible and inclusive platform for various users including artists, designers, educators, and even coding beginners.

As a language with an emphasis on visual results, p5.js operates mainly in the canvas space of a browser, allowing for dynamic graphic and interactive experiences. Drawing functionality is at the core of p5.js. This library is able to make complex shapes, apply color and upload, as well as manipulate images. In addition to graphics, p5.js supports other creative usages, including audio, video, and even hardware input and output.

p5.js uses the concept of a sketch, or a type of script, which is executed within a pre-defined environment. Each sketch has setup() and draw() functions. The setup() function is run once when the program starts, and it's used to define initial environment properties such as display window size, background color, loading images, etc. The draw() function is run repeatedly after setup() finishes, and it's used for continuously executing code, such as a simulation or animation.

One of the key differentiators of p5.js is its commitment to making coding accessible and easy to grasp for individuals who might be new to such tasks. Various tutorials and documentations provided by the p5.js community help these users learn to create digital art and designs while exploring the basics of programming.

p5.js also interfaces with HTML5 objects and DOM elements, allowing a seamless interaction between web elements and canvas for creative and interactive web experiences. Further, it can also work with existing web technologies such as CSS and other JavaScript libraries and frameworks, giving the user a broad scope of possibilities for their projects.

As a client-side library, p5.js runs directly in the browser and can be included in an HTML file via a script tag. The library can also be downloaded and run locally. There's no need to run an additional server or install a database to use p5.js, which makes it a user-friendly option for those who are learning, designing, or prototyping.

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341 companies are currently using p5.js



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forward momentum

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voraus robotik GmbH

your robots, our software..

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39 Employees$18K - $15K$97K norway67%Export

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10 Employees$2K - $29K$51K united states ..19%Export
Mom+Pop Music

a new york city-based ind..

63 Employees$32K - $30K$63K united states ..85%Export
Noveon Magnetics Inc.

smart magnet manufacturin..

54 Employees$22K - $12K$83K united states ..71%Export

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Using p5.js for finding leads

This compilation of companies using p5.js represents a rich, targeted opportunity for sales teams. It features companies that are dedicated to creative development, an approach that highlights the seamless integration of art and technology. These organizations value innovative design and strive to make coding accessible to different audiences, suggesting they are open to solutions that bolster creativity and inclusivity.

Having access to this list provides immediate benefits. The sales teams can better understand their potential market landscape, identifying trends and common challenges these companies might face. It allows for precision sales strategy; knowing that these companies use p5.js can help salespeople tailor their product's unique selling points to echo the attributes of p5.js, such as creative freedom, inclusivity, and accessibility.

Moreover, it opens the door for more personalized interactions with potential leads. A sales team can reference p5.js in their initial contact, automatically establishing a shared understanding and potentially sparking conversations that lead to a deeper business relationship.

Furthermore, the compiled information could reveal opportunities for upselling or cross-selling. For instance, a company utilising p5.js may be interested in other tools that enhance creative coding or streamline the design process. Sales teams could position their own products or services to meet these needs.

Finally, converging on a list of companies using p5.js also reduces time wasted on less relevant leads. By focusing on businesses that appreciate creative coding, there is likely to be more interest in and compatibility with the products being sold. This targeted approach could lead to higher conversion rates, a more effective sales process, and consequently, increased revenues.

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