OXID eShop Professional Edition
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OXID eShop Professional Edition is an eCommerce platform that caters to the needs of small start-up companies and experienced online retailers. It comes with a variety of functions, software maintenance, and support. This edition provides all the essential tools needed to create and manage online stores for businesses of all sizes. OXID eShop Professional Edition offers features like customizable templates, easy-to-use product management tools, order and payment processing, marketing tools, and many more. Moreover, this edition also includes integrated search engine optimization (SEO) and social media integration functionality to increase online visibility and reach out to a broader audience. With OXID eShop Professional Edition, businesses can provide their customers with an excellent shopping experience. Additionally, this platform offers software maintenance and customer support to ensure smooth running of the online store. Overall, OXID eShop Professional Edition is a comprehensive eCommerce solution for businesses that seek to establish their presence online and grow their business.

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234 companies are currently using OXID eShop Professional Edition


SugarShape GmbH

24 Employees$49K - $11K$100K germany65%Export
Schindelhauer Bikes

belt-driven since day one..

15 Employees$18K - $37K$94K germany100%Export

onergys.de - your special..

20 Employees$23K - $19K$98K germany35%Export

used software – buy. sell..

14 Employees$45K - $15K$69K germany57%Export
Dahlinger GmbH

beautiful packaging and d..

47 Employees$35K - $48K$62K germany33%Export

24colours to brighten you..

32 Employees$10K - $36K$95K germany31%Export
myboshi GmbH

myboshi - deine diy-zentr..

8 Employees$40K - $46K$67K germany97%Export
Modulor GmbH

wir lieben material

41 Employees$10K - $7K$80K germany79%Export

ihr nachhaltiger onlinesh..

11 Employees$5K - $2K$65K germany17%Export

higher quality of life fo..

18 Employees$17K - $20K$59K germany21%Export
Licatec GmbH

25 Employees$5K - $32K$93K germany59%Export

komplettanbieter für non-..

25 Employees$37K - $31K$70K germany88%Export
Erstling GmbH

bücher, möbel und interak..

4 Employees$2K - $20K$51K germany6%Export

for people, animals or th..

16 Employees$46K - $24K$64K germany77%Export
Max Steier GmbH & Co. KG

leistungsstarke formstanz..

20 Employees$38K - $33K$54K germany29%Export

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This list comprises businesses utilizing the OXID eShop Professional Edition, a highly versatile e-commerce platform loved by both rising startups and seasoned online retailers. The value of this compilation becomes evident when considering the extensive utility it provides for sales teams on the lookout for qualified leads.

First and foremost, the list serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding the market landscape, offering insights into which companies are leveraging this specific e-commerce tool. This information allows sales teams to gauge the marketplace's affinity for this technology, facilitating more strategic decision-making processes.

Additionally, the presence of a company on this list might indicate its readiness to invest in superior solutions to optimize its e-commerce activities. Sales teams targeting businesses in the digital commerce space can use this data to identify potential prospects who may be interested in advanced tools or support services related to the OXID eShop Professional Edition.

One key advantage of this list for lead prospecting is that businesses making use of the OXID eShop Professional Edition may very well be open to adopting additional services or solutions designed to enhance their e-commerce operations. This means that these companies might exhibit a high propensity to adopt complementary services, including but not limited to e-commerce SEO, payment gateway integration, data analytics, and cybersecurity. Sizable sales opportunities await teams offering such services, and this list provides a direct line to potential clients.

Moreover, the list can also help to identify trends and patterns among OXID eShop Professional Edition users. These insights can inform sales tactics, fine-tuning approaches for individual prospects. It might even highlight promising sectors or geographic regions to target, in turn maximizing sales efforts.

In conclusion, a list of companies using OXID eShop Professional Edition offers invaluable market intelligence, exceptional targeting options, and a trove of sales opportunities. For teams seeking to capitalize on the thriving e-commerce market, it's a resource that shouldn't be overlooked.

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