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OXID eShop is an open source ecommerce solution that is built using PHP and object-oriented programming. It is available for free and offers a range of features that enable online retailers to create and manage their own online stores. OXID eShop includes a variety of tools for managing products, orders, customers, and payments. It also includes features for marketing, search engine optimization, and site analytics. Additionally, OXID eShop is highly customizable, allowing users to modify the design and functionality of their online store to meet their specific needs. Its use of object-oriented programming makes it easier for developers to extend and customize the platform. Overall, OXID eShop is a powerful and flexible ecommerce solution that can be tailored to fit the needs of any online retailer.

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178 companies are currently using OXID eShop



performance based ergonom..

42 Employees$45K - $25K$78K germany75%Export
Mellow Boards GmbH

the first electric drive ..

6 Employees$23K - $26K$100K germany18%Export

die metabowerke gmbh in n..

461 Employees$3K - $29K$89K germany87%Export
Jones - Rose Gesellschaft..

businessmode für den allt..

5 Employees$34K - $40K$99K austria66%Export
Zeha Berlin Schuh Design ..

iconic german footwear - ..

6 Employees$10K - $10K$52K germany52%Export
light11.de GmbH

lichtqualität ist lebensq..

33 Employees$37K - $28K$97K germany47%Export
Netcom AG

schafft sichere verbindun..

22 Employees$30K - $20K$58K switzerland27%Export
Metabo Power Tools North ..

premium line of power too..

29 Employees$41K - $32K$58K united states ..77%Export
Metabo Nederland

metabo nederland is een v..

13 Employees$45K - $12K$92K netherlands76%Export
Silkes Weinkeller GmbH

leidenschaft für genuss

18 Employees$38K - $3K$94K germany
VKF Renzel GmbH

111 Employees$44K - $19K$69K germany22%Export
Steinigke Showtechnic Gmb..

34 Employees$32K - $44K$65K germany40%Export
Metabo (Schweiz) AG

13 Employees$14K - $1K$81K switzerland12%Export
verpackung24 GmbH

cardboard boxes, foils, b..

8 Employees$49K - $48K$65K germany76%Export
Lucky Bike.de GmbH

einfach das richtige rad

80 Employees$2K - $7K$51K germany15%Export

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Using OXID eShop for finding leads

The list provided features an array of companies employing OXID eShop as their eCommerce solution. These are businesses that have invested in an open-source, PHP-based platform, which indicates their commitment to flexibility, customization, and keep cost-effectiveness in mind.

The provided list can be an invaluable tool for sales teams. It offers insightful information revealing potential businesses that could be interested in products or services that complement or enhance the functionality of OXID eShop. For example, those selling related services such as web hosting, web development, or other eCommerce related services or plugins may benefit from such list.

Companies that have made the choice to use OXID eShop already demonstrate a willingness to invest in technologies that fuel their online business. This potentially makes them open to other solutions that could further boost their eCommerce performance, marketing efficiency, or business operations overall.

This list can also serve to segment the market. Sales teams can focus on these businesses, tailoring their approach and messaging to the specific challenges and opportunities associated with the use of an open-source eCommerce platform like OXID eShop.

Peering into this list also provides a clearer understanding of the business size and industry sectors where OXID eShop is commonly used. Combining this information with other known data about these companies might result in more precise predictions of their needs and pain points, facilitating more personalized sales pitches and increased chances of conversion.

In summary, a curated list of companies using OXID eShop as their eCommerce solution offers a concentrated pool of potential leads for sales teams — leads that are very likely already inclined to invest in eCommerce-centred technologies. With strategic use, this list is a valuable resource that can help yield more effective outreach and subsequently, a higher rate of sales success.

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