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OTRS (Open-source Ticket Request System) is a web-based help desk and service management software. It enables organizations to efficiently manage and track customer support tickets or requests. OTRS provides a centralized platform where customers can submit their inquiries, issues, or service requests, and agents can respond and resolve them effectively.

With OTRS, organizations can automate various aspects of their customer support processes, such as ticket routing, prioritization, escalation, and reporting. It offers features like email integration, knowledge base, customer self-service portal, SLA management, and customizable workflows.

OTRS is an open-source solution, meaning it is freely available for use and can be customized according to specific requirements. This makes it a cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, OTRS has a large community of developers who contribute to its ongoing development and provide support to users.

Overall, OTRS helps organizations streamline their customer support operations, enhance communication with customers, and ensure efficient resolution of issues.

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Fisherman Labs

We do empower Secure by D..

4 Employees$34K - $7K$77K -97%Export
Siltanet Ltd

- Employees$17K - $36K$69K -68%Export

Using otrs for finding leads

This page provides an extensive list of companies that utilize OTRS. The value lies in offering an enriched database, suitable for companies that offer products, services, or solutions compatible with, or complementary to, the OTRS technology.

Sales teams can use this list to prospect viable leads, targeting organizations already familiar with and relying on OTRS. Since these companies are already leveraging OTRS in their system architecture, they might be receptive to any additional services that integrate well with OTRS, thereby reducing their switching costs. This can significantly reduce the lead nurturing and conversion time for sales teams.

For businesses offering consulting, support, or training for OTRS, the list serves as a well-defined target market space. These companies are likely interested in optimizing their system and might benefit from professional insights to better manage their OTRS deployments.

Moreover, technology companies aiming to build integrations or plugins for OTRS can use this list as their first market validation or user acquisition campaign. They know that these businesses could potentially need their solutions, which helps in shaping a focused and impactful outreach strategy.

In essence, this list can serve as valuable input for defining lead generation and sales outreach strategies; improving the precision of targeting in marketing campaigns, and catalyzing the entire sales process cycle. The focused approach helps sales teams build relevant propositions, and allows them to pitch more effectively to potential leads.

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