Oracle Moat Measurement
Companies using Oracle Moat Measurement

Oracle Moat Measurement is a comprehensive analytics suite offered by Oracle Corporation designed for measuring advertising effectiveness. As a component of Oracle's Customer Experience (CX) suite, it provides marketers with key insights and digital analytics tools to determine the performance and reach of their promotional campaigns across various digital platforms.

A key attribute of Oracle Moat Measurement is its capability to provide verification and attention metrics. This means that advertisers can confirm that their ads were displayed as intended and can measure how much attention those ads received from viewers. These measurements are essential in assessing the impact of marketing efforts and optimizing future campaigns.

Another important feature is its ability to calculate reach and frequency. Reach is an essential metric that figures out how many unique viewers the advertising efforts are engaging, while frequency measures how often these viewers encounter the marketing messages. By understanding these metrics, marketers can efficiently allocate resources based on where and how often the ads are more effective.

Moreover, Oracle Moat Measurement has the ability to measure sales lift, which discerns the direct impact of advertising efforts on sales outcomes. This feature enables businesses to identify campaigns that directly increase sales and those that need further optimization or changes to deliver better results.

Furthermore, Oracle Moat Measurement's integrated nature within the Oracle CX suite allows it to work seamlessly with other Oracle tools. This interoperability allows businesses to leverage this advertising measurement alongside existing customer data and sales analytics tools to produce a holistic view of their marketing performance.

In summary, Oracle Moat Measurement performs as both a verification tool and an analytical instrument that enables businesses to evaluate their advertising effectiveness. Its variety of features aim to expose areas of success and growth within the company's marketing activities, enabling more data-informed decisions. This results in optimized campaigns that are strategically designed to improve reach, engagement, and ultimately, sales outcomes.

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2,021 companies are currently using Oracle Moat Measurement



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Using Oracle Moat Measurement for finding leads

The list of companies using Oracle Moat Measurement represents a plethora of potential leads for sales teams. This list includes companies that value advanced, reliable solutions to effectively track the reach, frequency, and consumer engagement of their advertisements. Representing various industries, these businesses utilize Oracle Moat Measurement to discern the effectiveness of their advertising efforts and gain insightful, data-driven analysis.

Sales teams can derive immense value from this list as it indicates organizations that invest in sophisticated solutions for monitoring their advertising strategy. Such companies are likely to have a penchant for innovation and might demonstrate openness to new technologies or services that can supplement or enhance their advertising analytics. For businesses selling relevant services or products, this furnished list of companies is a goldmine for potential clients who already recognize the importance of rigorous, exact measurement tools in advertising.

Moreover, this list of companies equips sales teams with the capability to craft targeted and personalized outreach strategies. Knowledge of a company's use of Oracle Moat Measurement allows for tailored proposals which emphasize how a product or service complements or elevates their current systems. The targeted approach not only increases the chances of securing initial contact, but also cultivates a stronger, value-focused relationship off the bat.

In summary, the list of companies using Oracle Moat Measurement is a valuable resource for sales teams. It reveals the companies upholding accurate ad measurement and their potential need for complementary services or products, whilst also facilitating personalized outreach strategies.

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