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Nextdoor Ads is a self-serve campaign management platform for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to advertise on Nextdoor, an online social networking platform that connects people within their neighborhoods. With Nextdoor Ads, SMBs can easily create and manage advertising campaigns tailored to reach their target audience using various ad formats such as sponsored posts, display ads, and video ads. The platform provides advanced targeting options based on location, interests, and behavior to help businesses connect with the right audience. Additionally, Nextdoor Ads offers performance metrics and analytics to monitor campaign progress and optimize ads for better results. Overall, Nextdoor Ads allows SMBs to expand their reach and engage with potential customers in their local communities through targeted and effective online advertising.

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4,133 companies are currently using Nextdoor Ads


Different Dog

freshly-cooked dog food, ..

31 Employees$16K - $28K$99K united kingdom..56%Export
Dutch Pet, Inc.

dutch makes high-quality ..

56 Employees$42K - $22K$96K united states ..5%Export
Nurture Life

growing up, eating well

54 Employees$13K - $21K$84K united states ..8%Export

no-compromise backyard ho..

37 Employees$7K - $9K$69K united states ..88%Export

we are the leading impact..

70 Employees$14K - $29K$75K united states ..93%Export

a digital program for chi..

48 Employees$13K - $5K$62K united states ..9%Export

we work with individuals,..

32 Employees$35K - $41K$55K united states ..97%Export

inspire from anywhere

23 Employees$18K - $10K$62K united states ..92%Export

hometree enables sustaina..

95 Employees$20K - $21K$82K united kingdom..12%Export

your laundry and dry clea..

110 Employees$4K - $27K$100K united states ..91%Export
Pandia Health

birth control delivered -..

38 Employees$26K - $48K$94K united states ..61%Export

the sense energy monitor ..

161 Employees$38K - $47K$70K united states ..85%Export
Small Door

veterinary care reimagine..

156 Employees$21K - $17K$65K united states ..51%Export

chore less.

88 Employees$11K - $37K$61K united states ..50%Export
Eano Home Renovation

easy, affordable renovati..

45 Employees$34K - $13K$82K united states ..34%Export

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Using Nextdoor Ads for finding leads

This page lists an assortment of companies that leverage Nextdoor Ads in their marketing efforts. On here, sales teams scouting for opportunities may unearth valuable leads in sectors that recognize the potential of local advertising platforms such as Nextdoor Ads.

The companies listed on this page signify a diverse array of industries and sizes, which is an indicator of the cross-industry value and broad applicability of Nextdoor Ads. These companies see the utility in targeting hyper-local communities to drive engagement and sales. As such, the list serves as a robust resource for unearthing companies that comprehend the worth of innovative marketing strategies.

Through the list, a sales team can quickly identify potential leads that have already shown interest in modern, digital marketing platforms. From small to medium-sized businesses, the list provides an open door entry point to approach companies that are potentially in search of more advanced, complementary services to further uplift their marketing efforts.

One of the immense values of this list lies in the time it can save: Sales teams can leapfrog the initial steps of lead generation by contacting the listed companies directly. Consider the alternative — cold outreach to companies unsure of or uninterested in the advantages of platforms like Nextdoor Ads. This list eliminates such inefficiencies.

Additionally, these companies likely understand the importance of using targeted marketing strategies to reach their potential customers. As such, the sales pitch to these companies might be relatively easier to deliver as they're already familiar with and open to sophisticated marketing techniques.

To summarize, this list of companies using Nextdoor Ads provides a valuable resource for identifying a diverse array of potential leads already abreast with modern, digital, and target-specific marketing tactics.

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