Companies using Muuri

Muuri is a JavaScript layout engine that enables creation of various responsive, sortable, filterable, draggable and animated layouts. It allows developers to create grid-style layouts with different sized elements that can be easily arranged in any desired order with the help of its powerful drag and drop feature. Muuri provides flexibility for adding or removing items dynamically without affecting the other items in the layout. Additionally, it offers customizable animations that can be utilized when rearranging or filtering the elements on the page. This layout engine makes it easy for developers to create complex and interactive user interfaces while maintaining a high degree of performance. Due to its cross-browser compatibility, Muuri can be used across all modern web browsers. Overall, Muuri is an excellent tool for building dynamic web interfaces with a range of useful features.

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3,021 companies are currently using Muuri


Elliott Bay Design Group

architectural & engineeri..

72 Employees$28K - $29K$69K united states ..9%Export
Alder Koten | IMD

executive search in the u..

23 Employees$23K - $21K$69K united states ..99%Export
Contra Vision

transform glass with cont..

26 Employees$26K - $13K$70K united kingdom..49%Export
Uplift Inc.

the enterprise buy now, p..

213 Employees$15K - $50K$78K united states ..22%Export
Home Care Pulse

training, surveys, and re..

614 Employees$34K - $2K$66K united states ..43%Export
Gannett Fleming

Global engineering firm o..

2,815 Employees$35K - $30K$91K united states ..42%Export

accurate microbial identi..

107 Employees$35K - $20K$77K united states ..31%Export
Regent Properties

a real estate investment ..

111 Employees$4K - $2K$74K united states ..90%Export

proven wireless power

46 Employees$45K - $40K$89K united states ..58%Export
Atlas Ocean Voyages

intimate yachting expedit..

76 Employees$20K - $36K$68K united states ..100%Export

an employee owned company..

107 Employees$14K - $24K$65K united states ..25%Export
ELP Aviation, Inc.

unique software for a uni..

43 Employees$37K - $6K$94K united states ..13%Export
AVLD Events, Inc

avld events serves the me..

6 Employees$38K - $22K$83K united states ..27%Export
Youth Guidance

guiding kids to bright fu..

471 Employees$5K - $33K$94K united states ..25%Export
Tribeca Venture Partners

new york hustle for new y..

9 Employees$29K - $45K$53K united states ..18%Export

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Using Muuri for finding leads

The list comprises a wide array of companies utilizing Muuri, a versatile JavaScript layout engine. It is essentially a treasure-trove for sales teams looking to dig into fresh leads. The diversity of industries that employ Muuri's dynamic layout capabilities suffices as a testament to its flexibility and broad range of applications.

Sales teams can utilize this list for strategic prospecting. Specially, they can identify patterns among current users of the technology to predict which other companies are likely to be interested. For example, if companies from a particular industry or of a particular size dominate the list, sales teams can tailor their outreach to similar businesses.

Moreover, detailed insights on each company in the list equip sales teams with the necessary context to tailor their sales pitches. Understanding how businesses are currently leveraging Muuri would allow for a more targeted approach, highlighting how their product or service complements or enhances the usage of Muuri.

Further, the ability to filter and sort the list enables sales teams to prioritize outreach based on their own unique criteria. This could range from the company size, industry, to the estimated duration of Muuri usage. With this, sales teams can better allocate resources towards the most promising leads.

Lastly, making use of the contact details and information provided, sales teams can easily reach out to relevant stakeholders for sales discussions, skipping the trouble to search for contact information.

In summary, this comprehensive list provides an overview of companies using Muuri, serving as an invaluable tool for sales teams. It not just identifies potential leads but also helps strategize, personalize, and streamline outreach efforts that would invariably lead to increased conversion rates.

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