Companies using Mollom

Mollom is a web service that provides content moderation for websites. It uses machine learning algorithms to detect and prevent spam, unwanted content, and other forms of online abuse. Mollom can integrate with various content management systems such as Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla to provide real-time content analysis and filtering. The service can also identify malicious users and bots attempting to post inappropriate content. Mollom analyzes user-generated content such as comments, forum posts, and contact form submissions, and then rates the content based on its potential risk level. Content rated as high-risk is flagged for further review or rejection. The system continually learns from new data to improve its accuracy and effectiveness. Mollom aims to protect website owners from the reputational and legal risks associated with hosting harmful content, while also enhancing the user experience by ensuring high-quality interactions.

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81 companies are currently using Mollom


The Law Offices of Grinbe..

7 Employees$3K - $22K$96K united states ..33%Export
The Sit Down Comedy Club

a queensland icon, the si..

14 Employees$28K - $42K$64K australia51%Export
Athena Computer Power Cor..

10 Employees$34K - $12K$58K united states ..2%Export
ITMATI-Innovación y Trans..

itmati-unit: innovation ..

10 Employees$36K - $13K$69K spain
E-Cycle Environmental

5 Employees$21K - $29K$64K united states ..98%Export
Community Builders

6 Employees$2K - $37K$89K australia28%Export
P28 Foods

2 Employees$10K - $1K$73K united states ..3%Export
Janus Design (IT)

4 Employees$22K - $10K$55K italy30%Export

3 Employees$20K - $8K$69K belgium69%Export
Altreonic, From Deep Spac..

1 Employees$27K - $33K$81K belgium29%Export
Grow It Forward

3 Employees$45K - $32K$62K united states ..17%Export
BNM Professional Consulti..

We help people to Communi..

2 Employees$11K - $38K$70K united states ..95%Export
Pregnancy Care Center of ..

1 Employees$38K - $15K$59K united states ..24%Export
M&R Consulting Group

3 Employees$10K - $46K$93K -47%Export
Leighton Katz & Drapeau, ..

11 Employees$9K - $46K$73K united states ..24%Export

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Using Mollom for finding leads

The list of companies using Mollom is a valuable asset for sales teams seeking viable leads. It comprises a diverse range of businesses that have adopted Mollom, a tool focused on tackling spam, content moderation, and web security. This list showcases companies' willingness to invest in advanced web technologies to enhance their digital presence and security, indicating their potential interest in related products or services.

Imagine being part of a sales team in the realm of digital solutions, web security, or content moderation tools. Having access to this list presents valuable opportunities to identify organizations that understand and prioritize online security and content management.

Firstly, it can help in targeting the right audience. By analyzing the list, sales teams can gain insights into the industries and types of businesses that leverage Mollom. This can enable them to tailor their sales pitches for future products or upgrade offerings.

Secondly, the list provides an opportunity for discovering potential partnerships. Organizations using Mollom are evidently progressive in their approach to web technology so they may be open to collaborating with vendors that offer complementary solutions.

Lastly, understanding where Mollom is being used can unveil possible market gaps or niches. If certain industries or sectors are underrepresented in the list, it could highlight an untapped market for related digital solutions. Sales teams can then develop strategies to reach out to these sectors, providing customized propositions based on their unique needs and challenges.

Through this comprehensive asset, sales teams can make informed decisions, focus their efforts, and maximize their return on investment. Indeed, a list representing the usage of Mollom across various companies is not just a list. It is a valuable tool for revealing opportunities, shaping strategies, and driving business growth.

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