Companies using MGID

MGID is a programmatic advertising platform that allows publishers to display ads on their websites. Unfortunately, MGID has been frequently used by misinformation websites to monetize their content through advertising revenue. This means that the platform can unintentionally support and promote fake news and other forms of misinformation.

926 companies are currently using MGID



bbae: investing reimagine..

11 Employees$8K - $26K$65K united states ..87%Export

An award-winning NYC-base..

247 Employees$3K - $9K$70K united states ..82%Export

esports live here. now li..

46 Employees$2K - $33K$96K united states ..42%Export

brindamos soluciones inte..

1,318 Employees$49K - $42K$67K colombia25%Export

prestamos online rapiflex..

135 Employees$32K - $28K$80K colombia39%Export

global advertising platfo..

601 Employees$41K - $15K$95K united states ..43%Export

south asia's largest crow..

142 Employees$23K - $49K$66K india71%Export

making children future re..

110 Employees$39K - $14K$77K india85%Export

know your world

42 Employees$21K - $34K$84K united states ..75%Export

engage children at home. ..

52 Employees$25K - $39K$99K india72%Export
Advance-Esthetic - Equipm..

aesthetic face&body equip..

17 Employees$8K - $12K$99K united states ..68%Export
Blazy Susan

world famous rolling tray..

34 Employees$2K - $22K$67K united states ..73%Export
Mutual of Omaha Mortgage

your trusted mortgage adv..

909 Employees$31K - $44K$84K united states ..81%Export

powerful investing and tr..

1,659 Employees$42K - $21K$96K india32%Export
Fortrade Ltd.

because we deliver safe a..

304 Employees$24K - $25K$87K united kingdom..51%Export

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Using MGID for finding leads

The curated list of companies using MGID stands as an invaluable resource for any sales team. It presents a comprehensive view of the diverse companies leveraging this influential programmatic advertising platform. Not only does the list provide data about the active ecosystem, but it also offers a promising array of potential leads to explore.

Each company on this list represents a unique sales opportunity. Since MGID is often used by a wide range of websites, including those disseminating misinformation, the scope of organizations represented within this list is quite broad. This diversity paves a multitude of avenues for sales teams to approach, depending on their products or services and the target customers.

A sales team can strategically utilize this list to selectively target companies that align closely with their target market or segment. By understanding which companies are utilizing MGID for their advertising needs, they can better tailor their sales pitch to highlight the relevance and benefits of their offering for the company in question.

Moreover, the knowledge that a company is using MGID could hint at their survival in a rapidly changing, digital marketplace - they are likely investing in advanced marketing technologies to stay competitive. This information could lead to more informed, fruitful dialogues with potential leads.

Furthermore, knowing a prospective lead is using MGID can help sales teams prepare by informing them beforehand about the company’s existing infrastructure and potential advertising needs – fostering a relevant and focused approach when connecting with these leads. It can wildly improve the precision of outreach efforts, thereby enhancing the chances of successful connections and eventual conversions.

The list hence constitutes a valuable starting point for businesses to identify and pursue those potential clients actively engaged with the MGID platform. It significantly increases the efficiency of prospecting by offering instant access to a pool of possible leads, thus saving the sales teams' time and resources.

In essence, the list of companies using MGID empowers sales teams with beneficial insights and prospecting possibilities. It’s indeed an indispensable tool for streamlining the sales process and amplifying the potential for more fruitful, successful outreach.

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