Companies using Marfeel

Marfeel is a platform that enables publishers to create, optimize, and monetize their mobile websites. It provides tools for improving user experience, increasing engagement, and generating revenue. Marfeel helps publishers by providing customizable templates and layouts that are optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that their websites look great on any screen size. The platform also includes features like fast loading times, push notifications, and ad placements to improve the user experience and increase revenue. Marfeel uses machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior and provide personalized content recommendations, further enhancing engagement. Additionally, Marfeel integrates with various advertising networks to provide publishers with a variety of monetization options. Overall, Marfeel is a comprehensive platform that simplifies the process of creating and managing mobile websites and provides a range of tools to help publishers succeed in the digital landscape.

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1,411 companies are currently using Marfeel


The Hill Times

expert, non-partisan poli..

47 Employees$25K - $44K$78K canada87%Export
Ginx TV Ltd.

bringing esports to the m..

40 Employees$8K - $43K$98K united kingdom..5%Export

el portal de noticias don..

11 Employees$42K - $18K$95K spain28%Export

your all-in-one tech mark..

364 Employees$36K - $17K$58K spain7%Export

the no.1 olympic news web..

13 Employees$40K - $46K$100K united kingdom..41%Export

tecnología, ciencia y cul..

19 Employees$19K - $33K$76K spain33%Export

el natiu digital líder a ..

98 Employees$45K - $42K$81K spain28%Export
Grey Matter

grey matter engineers cus..

52 Employees$27K - $17K$84K united states ..36%Export
Around the Rings

your trusted source for o..

14 Employees$31K - $41K$68K united states ..75%Export

the uk's biggest, most in..

49 Employees$2K - $3K$53K united kingdom..86%Export

the publisher platform

60 Employees$44K - $9K$79K spain18%Export
Crónica Global

periodismo independiente,..

39 Employees$42K - $48K$65K spain95%Export

le service d’information ..

158 Employees$34K - $38K$53K france100%Export
Press Gazette

press gazette covers the ..

15 Employees$45K - $32K$52K united kingdom..65%Export
Elite Traveler | Elite Lu..

responsible luxury lifest..

40 Employees$36K - $50K$82K united states ..60%Export

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Using Marfeel for finding leads

This list of companies operating with Marfeel offers unique value as a prospecting tool. It provides an exceptional starting point to identify and understand a diverse range of businesses invested in enhancing their mobile web experience. Those on the list are pioneers, readily adopting comprehensive publisher platforms to optimize and monetize their mobile websites.

Recognizing the potential of such innovation, sales teams can leverage this list to uncover numerous opportunities. With the knowledge that these companies prioritize user engagement and experience on mobile platforms, offerings can be tailored to align with those priorities.

Furthermore, by understanding the operation and value of a cutting-edge publisher platform like Marfeel, sales strategies can target the companies on this list. It is further evidence of their willingness to embrace digital adaptation and progressiveness, a valuable characteristic in this increasingly digital world.

The list simplifies and streamlines the lead discovery process. It becomes easier to discern which businesses are active innovators in the mobile web space, thereby generating high-potential, quality leads for teams to target and engage.

Beyond initial discovery, the list provides a deeper look into the companies' investment perspective in technology, aiding in personalized communication strategies. Armed with this list, sales teams can more effectively position their products or services to these technology-forward companies, improving conversion rates and forging successful partnerships.

In summary, the list of companies that utilize Marfeel facilitates strategic and focused lead generation, enabling sales teams to connect with progressive companies actively enhancing their mobile web experiences.

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