Companies using Lozad.js


Lozad.js is a lightweight JavaScript library used for lazy loading images, videos, iframes, and other elements on a webpage. It is designed to enhance page performance by loading content only as needed, which can significantly reduce page load times and save bandwidth. The library is very small, just 535 bytes when minified and compressed, making it easy to add to any website without adding significant overhead. Lozad.js uses Intersection Observer API to detect when an element enters the viewport, and then loads it asynchronously, allowing for seamless loading even on slow connections. Additionally, Lozad.js provides a number of customization options, such as preloading nearby content or adding custom loading animations. Its simplicity and efficiency make it a popular choice for web developers looking to optimize their websites.

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129,171 companies are currently using Lozad.js



switch on security as a s..

33 Employees$3K - $45K$71K united states ..45%Export

the agile meeting co-pilo..

34 Employees$32K - $23K$85K united states ..27%Export

accelerating the client a..

29 Employees$32K - $48K$85K united states ..51%Export

services de viticulture d..

56 Employees$46K - $44K$61K france74%Export

smarter, safer, sustainab..

133 Employees$34K - $42K$62K united kingdom..82%Export
Dewpoint Therapeutics

translating condensate bi..

137 Employees$42K - $16K$75K united states ..65%Export

connecting the world of c..

90 Employees$22K - $23K$80K united kingdom..21%Export
Expanse, acquired by Palo..

automated attack surface ..

35 Employees$11K - $33K$55K united states ..85%Export
Rebel Wolves

a studio founded by veter..

66 Employees$9K - $47K$51K poland69%Export

transforming the learning..

116 Employees$27K - $28K$58K united states ..79%Export

first tv monitoring & ana..

41 Employees$4K - $38K$57K france6%Export
WDTech at Walker & Dunlop..

automated real estate ana..

10 Employees$29K - $46K$91K united states ..55%Export
Direct Commerce

best of breed saas-automa..

38 Employees$27K - $43K$79K united states ..38%Export
Talmundo by Talentech

employee onboarding for b..

23 Employees$8K - $20K$100K netherlands73%Export

leading the world’s trans..

49 Employees$4K - $6K$76K portugal16%Export

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Using Lozad.js for finding leads

This list of companies using Lozad.js contains valuable data for sales teams. With this information, it becomes simpler to identify potential leads who value lightweight and efficient web solutions. Businesses listed here are already aware of the benefits of performance optimizations like lazy-loading, signifying a potential interest in solutions that enhance website performance without increasing complexity or bloat.

Sales teams can examine the companies on this list to understand the needs and technical competencies of potential clients better. Knowing that these businesses employ Lozad.js, a library aimed to improve page load times, can facilitate more targeted, informed, and engaging sales pitches. This would likely resonate with these businesses’ continuous search for high-performance, easy-to-implement web solutions.

By conducting a more in-depth analysis of each company on this list, sales teams can unearth valuable insights. Understanding a potential client's technology stack can reveal which related products or services they might be interested in. For instance, a company using Lozad.js might also be interested in other performance optimization services or tools.

Additionally, the list can help in competitor analysis. It can reveal what competing sales teams might be offering these companies. This information can guide sales strategy tweaks and improvements to intensify competitiveness.

The list can also assist in recognizing trends in various industries that can be capitalized. Such patterns may suggest which businesses would be more open to discussions around web performance, giving sales teams a starting point, and help in formulating better prospecting strategies.

In essence, the list of Lozad.js users serves as an important asset that can empower sales efforts with knowledge and precision, thereby significantly amping up prospects of winning leads.

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