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Loja Integrada is an e-commerce platform that allows individuals and small businesses to create their own online stores. It provides users with a range of features including customizable templates, payment and shipping integrations, inventory management, marketing tools, and analytics. Loja Integrada also offers support for multiple languages, currencies, and payment methods. The platform is cloud-based, which means users can access their stores from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, Loja Integrada has a mobile app that allows store owners to manage their businesses on-the-go. Overall, Loja Integrada aims to provide an easy-to-use solution for those who want to sell their products online without the need for extensive technical knowledge or resources.

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9,174 companies are currently using Loja Integrada


Freso Brinquedos

com você em todos os mome..

77 Employees$32K - $20K$60K brazil30%Export
lake hood capital

holding do influenciador ..

3 Employees$44K - $42K$60K united states ..86%Export
NatuMaxx Cosméticos

Experimente e Apaixone-se..

23 Employees$12K - $9K$79K brazil33%Export
Bio Scie

Promovendo sinergia entre..

87 Employees$22K - $41K$86K brazil91%Export
MADI Wellness

outdoor living for a heal..

6 Employees$40K - $42K$81K brazil30%Export
Rei do Mate

fazendo sua vida mais gos..

1,281 Employees$18K - $21K$96K brazil67%Export

Compre o que sua empresa ..

11 Employees$7K - $40K$99K brazil21%Export

acessórios premium para s..

69 Employees$13K - $8K$84K brazil25%Export

a pipoca mais amada do br..

25 Employees$14K - $23K$84K brazil26%Export
Mais Mu

58 Employees$19K - $35K$70K brazil78%Export

27 Employees$14K - $50K$83K brazil5%Export

16 Employees$19K - $26K$91K brazil87%Export

natuterra offers plant ba..

8 Employees$16K - $40K$51K brazil95%Export
Ligia Kogos Dermocosmétic..

Formulados para você por ..

5 Employees$45K - $45K$80K brazil74%Export
Lumilux Materiais Elétric..

distribuindo soluções

4 Employees$23K - $28K$92K brazil43%Export

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Using Loja Integrada for finding leads

The list of companies using Loja Integrada provides an assortment of businesses that leverage this popular eCommerce platform from Brazil. The value of this list lies in the diverse assortment of companies, ranging from small businesses to larger enterprises, all with the common thread of using Loja Integrada.

As a comprehensive and detailed resource, this list provides invaluable insights into businesses that are already investing in eCommerce and online sales solutions. Each company featured in the list indicates a commitment to digital commerce, showing their ambition to leverage technology for optimal business outcomes.

Sales teams can leverage this list as a source of quality leads, specifically targeting businesses that value online commerce. This detail can help tailor sales strategies and marketing approaches based on the propensity for online sales and eCommerce solutions. Also, the knowledge that these companies are using Loja Integrada can guide a sales team on presenting complementary products, integrations, or services.

The wide range of companies using Loja Integrada also enrichens the sales teams' understanding of market trends, competitive benchmarks, and industry dynamics. This accumulated knowledge can be invaluable when formulating a sales strategy or delivering a sales pitch.

Overall, the companies using the Loja Integrada platform provide a robust platform for sales prospecting, offering rich insights, and granting access to quality leads. The value of this list lies in its capacity to refine and augment sales processes, instigate pertinent sales conversations, and facilitate the cultivation of relationships with potential customers who value digital commerce.

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