Companies using LogRocket


LogRocket is a software tool that helps developers troubleshoot and optimize their web applications by providing valuable insights into user sessions. It does this by recording videos of user sessions along with logs and network data.

When developers use LogRocket, they are able to see exactly what users are doing on their website or application, including mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes. This makes it easy for them to identify bugs, errors, and other issues that may be affecting the user experience.

In addition to video playback, LogRocket also provides detailed logs and network data for each session, giving developers a complete picture of what happened during the session. They can see which API calls were made, how long they took to respond, and any error messages that were returned. This information can help them quickly pinpoint the source of any problems and make improvements to their code.

Overall, LogRocket is a powerful tool that helps developers improve their web applications by providing deep insights into user behavior and technical performance. By using LogRocket, developers can save time, reduce frustration, and deliver better user experiences.

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2,963 companies are currently using LogRocket


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Using LogRocket for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies using LogRocket serves as a potent resource for sales teams, unlocking a wealth of opportunities for lead generation and effective sales prospecting. It allows sales professionals to identify potential customers who value high-quality analytics and monitoring functionality for their web applications, implicitly signalling an appreciation for technological products that enhance troubleshooting and user experience.

By understanding which companies use LogRocket, sales teams can formulate targeted pitches that speak to the unique needs of these organizations. They can identify decision-makers in companies that are already tech-forward and understand the crucial role of web application performance in delivering value.

Moreover, the intelligence obtained from this list not only helps identify prospects but also deduces market trends, competition scenarios, and industry preferences. By assessing the specific sectors and verticals these companies operate in, sales teams can customize their approach and offer relevant solutions.

In addition, the technology adoption pattern may also provide insight into the pain points experienced by these businesses. Sales teams that are offering complementary or competing solutions can leverage this information, formulating their value proposition in a way that underscores the advantages of what they are offering.

Using the list of companies employing LogRocket as a direct lead source expedites the lead generation process. It facilitates a more focused outreach, fostering meaningful conversations with prospects already acquainted with the benefits of similar technologies. Thus, by bridging the gap between providers and potential consumers, this list assists in not just finding leads, but also in conversion and closure.

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