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LKQD is a video advertising platform used by publishers to deliver video ads on various devices and formats. It helps publishers monetize their content by providing them with the tools necessary to serve video ads to their audience. With LKQD, publishers can reach users across different devices such as desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. The platform supports a variety of ad formats, allowing publishers to choose the most suitable format for their content and target audience. By utilizing LKQD, publishers can generate revenue from their videos through video ad placements. Overall, LKQD streamlines the process of serving video ads for publishers, optimizing their ad campaigns and maximizing their ad revenue potential.

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3 companies are currently using LKQD



spolu víme všechno

21 Employees$46K - $35K$51K czechia100%Export
Budějcká Drbna

Spolu víme všechno!

3 Employees$8K - $48K$90K czechia56%Export
Brněnská Drbna

3 Employees$22K - $17K$56K -55%Export

Using LKQD for finding leads

This curated list presents a compilation of businesses utilizing the LKQD platform, a leading video advertising solution. The directory provides a unique vantage point for understanding the scope and diversity of active players in the video advertising space. Comprehending the practical application of LKQD across sectors allows for the development of highly-targeted prospecting strategies.

The list expounds upon businesses spanning a variety of industries, business sizes, or regions which have integrated LKQD into their advertising strategies, demonstrating its versatility and widespread appeal. This broad scope creates a rich pool of possibilities for lead generation.

Sales teams can leverage this comprehensive list to identify companies that already see the value in advanced video advertising methods, indicating a propensity to invest in sophisticated promotional techniques. This knowledge can be instrumental in crafting the right sales approach, whether through proposing complementary services or offering upgraded solutions.

Moreover, identifying existing users of this technology showcases companies with a strong digital footprint, making it easier to spot potential tech-savvy leads. These firms are likely to understand the value proposition of products focused on enhancing online presence, advertising reach, or conversion rates; metrics LKQD is known to boost. As such, they may also find interest in related products intending to enhance their current advertising stack.

The listed companies serve as concrete examples of how LKQD is used effectively across different scenarios, making it a powerful tool for sales demonstrations and case studies. By studying the way these firms have integrated and leveraged LKQD, sales teams can highlight specific features or benefits that align closely with a prospective client's needs.

Overall, the compiled roster of LKQD-utilizing enterprises offers a powerful resource for sales teams. It allows for sharper prospect targeting, robust sales strategies, and compelling case studies leading to more successful deal closures.

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