Companies using List.js

List.js is a JavaScript library that allows users to add search, sorting, and filtering functionality to HTML lists. It's a lightweight library that can be easily integrated into any web project. With List.js, users can sort list items alphabetically or numerically, filter them based on specific criteria, and search for specific keywords within the list. It also has support for pagination and lazy loading of large datasets. List.js requires no dependencies and can work with any type of list (ul, ol, table) in HTML. Overall, List.js simplifies the process of adding dynamic functionality to lists and provides users with an intuitive interface for interacting with data.

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13,786 companies are currently using List.js


Akron Children's Hospital..

more than a job. it’s lov..

4,532 Employees$23K - $26K$54K united states ..36%Export

creando soluciones de ene..

42 Employees$11K - $16K$58K spain71%Export
Rockrose Development Corp..

owner-manager-developer s..

152 Employees$19K - $45K$87K united states ..
Cassini Technologies B.V...

the revolutionary digital..

24 Employees$1K - $36K$79K netherlands32%Export

closing the gap between c..

105 Employees$19K - $2K$94K united states ..87%Export
Creative Realities, Inc.

we connect brands and peo..

107 Employees$24K - $27K$60K united states ..31%Export
Deepwater Corrosion Servi..

Way ahead in corrosion co..

86 Employees$13K - $34K$95K united states ..10%Export
Agamon Health

streamline incidental fin..

22 Employees$5K - $22K$66K united states ..53%Export
Engage Mobilize

intelligent field operati..

27 Employees$3K - $20K$84K united states ..5%Export
Slate Digital

Click VISIT WEBSITE to et..

47 Employees$2K - $41K$51K united states ..54%Export
The Great. / Emily + Meri..

accepting resumes careers..

57 Employees$42K - $23K$84K united states ..14%Export

search earth's data like ..

23 Employees$1K - $44K$54K united states ..30%Export
THEO Technologies

changing the way the worl..

52 Employees$11K - $42K$98K belgium8%Export
InfoReady Corporation

infoready's platform crea..

34 Employees$16K - $15K$89K united states ..31%Export
The Candidate Recruitment..

specialists in marketing,..

22 Employees$25K - $46K$95K united kingdom..51%Export

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Using List.js for finding leads

The list of companies using List.js is a valuable asset for sales and business development professionals. It helps in pinpointing potential leads by providing insights into which organizations are leveraging this technology.

An understanding of the technology a potential lead uses is a strong indication of their business needs, as well as their commitment to utilizing high-quality and efficient tools. List.js is known for its light footprint and flexibility, allowing companies to optimize searches, sort lists and add, edit, or remove items from lists. Businesses that invest in such technologies show a clear preference for performance and efficiency, which could indicate a higher probability of converting into a service provider or product that aligns with these values.

The list proves to be a robust tool for lead qualification. It helps in prioritizing high-quality leads over lower qualified ones by considering the technical needs and investment of the companies listed. This can save precious time for sales teams and increase the efficiency of the sales funnel.

The understanding of a prospective company's technology stack can also significantly benefit sales pitch personalization. This list can provide sales teams with critical information for tailoring their product or service demonstrations to address how their offerings can enhance or integrate with the current technology stack, in this case, List.js.

Moreover, by having access to a list of companies using a particular technology, it's easier to perform competitor analysis. This practice will provide insights about competitors' sales strategies, enabling your sales team to stay ahead of the competition in targeting similar companies. The valuable insights gathered can contribute to more strategic and effective sales approaches.

Professionals in business development, sales, and marketing can find significant value in this enriched information to locate potential leads with precision. The list of companies using List.js can become an integral part of their lead identification process to enhance prospecting, lead nurturing, and conversion rates.

The ultimate goal is to turn these leads into profitable customer relationships and this list is an indispensable instrument in achieving that. Access to the detailed list of companies using List.js is not just a directory; it's an opportunity to significantly advance sales processes.

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