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Linx Commerce is an ecommerce platform that offers a seamless and personalized cross-channel solution, providing customers with a true omni-channel shopping experience. It enables businesses to sell their products online and manage their inventory, orders, and customer information in one place. With Linx Commerce, customers can shop through various channels such as desktop, mobile, and social media platforms, while businesses enjoy centralized management of all sales channels. Its features include flexible payment options, custom branding, responsive design templates, analytics, and reporting tools. This platform provides businesses with the ability to create a unique storefront that matches their brand and offer an exceptional shopping experience to their customers. Overall, Linx Commerce is a powerful tool for businesses looking to expand their online presence and provide their customers with a seamless shopping experience across multiple channels.

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27 companies are currently using Linx Commerce



mais que maquiagem. acred..

62 Employees$30K - $19K$72K brazil28%Export
grupo queiroz

ligar a grande indústria ..

189 Employees$10K - $9K$64K brazil39%Export
RJ EPI Suprimentos Corpor..

Confie com total seguranç..

8 Employees$20K - $16K$65K brazil38%Export
Matéria Prima Suplementos..

A loja que abastece seu c..

28 Employees$14K - $24K$61K brazil53%Export
FarMelhor Mário de Gusmão..

Faz bem pra sua saúde. Fa..

1 Employees$45K - $2K$60K brazil37%Export
Nash Store

Os Melhores Produtos de P..

1 Employees$47K - $35K$70K brazil73%Export
Flap Center

Flap porque você merece o..

5 Employees$41K - $35K$50K brazil17%Export

Empresa de Moda Feminina ..

50 Employees$17K - $39K$72K brazil13%Export
Queiroz Megamix

4 Employees$28K - $36K$78K brazil96%Export
Studio Oceano

13 Employees$30K - $38K$53K brazil31%Export
Richard Da Silva Dourado

1 Employees$1K - $47K$75K brazil6%Export
MWE Manequins

1 Employees$48K - $37K$51K brazil57%Export
Nobre Oficio Comercio De ..

2 Employees$24K - $36K$65K brazil32%Export
Docol Faucets

1 Employees$21K - $3K$90K brazil22%Export
Apa Moveis Matriz Cd1

27 Employees$17K - $29K$80K brazil52%Export

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Using Linx Commerce for finding leads

The provided list of businesses utilizing the Linx Commerce platform presents an invaluable resource for sales teams eager to identify prospective clients showing an inclination to innovative web technologies. Key pointers to the inherent value of the list include:

  1. Industry Insights: The list provides a perspective into various sectors and industries that have adopted the Linx Commerce platform. This offers sales teams a snapshot of industry trends and the current acceptance of cutting-edge ecommerce technology across different sectors.

  2. Prospect Classification: Sales representatives can prioritize their efforts by sorting businesses based on their engagement with ecommerce platform technology. It enables more productive prospecting by focusing on businesses evidently open to technological implementation.

  3. Competitor Analysis: By examining the list, sales personnel can identify who their competition is supplying to, which further assists in framing unique selling propositions and pitching more effectively to potential customers.

  4. Personalisation Opportunities: Knowing that a prospect uses Linx Commerce, a platform renowned for personalised cross-channel solutions, the sales units can customise their communication and solution offerings, thereby increasing the odds of successful conversions.

  5. Data for Future Strategies: The knowledge extracted from this list can assist in market prediction models and drive future strategies for lead generation. A thorough understanding of the potential clients' journeys can be an integral part of shaping approaches to product development, marketing, and sales tactics.

Finding valuable leads and potential prospects becomes a more streamlined, targeted, and efficient process with this list at one's disposal. By leveraging the wealth of information the list provides, sales teams can significantly enhance their lead prospecting and potentially outperform their set targets.

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