Companies using Justo


Justo is a subscription-based software that enables users to create their online store and sell their products with delivery options. With Justo, users can easily set up an e-commerce website without requiring extensive technical knowledge. The platform offers various features such as customizable storefronts, inventory management, order tracking, and shipping integrations. Justo also provides users with secure payment processing options and customer data protection. This software is particularly useful for small businesses or startups that want to start selling their products online quickly and easily. The subscription model of Justo allows users to choose from different pricing plans based on their business needs, making it an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes.

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269 companies are currently using Justo


Texas Ribs

95 Employees$5K - $13K$76K mexico25%Export
Chicken Love You

la primera sanguchería de..

31 Employees$17K - $46K$71K chile4%Export
Britannia Foods SA

comida goumet

8 Employees$49K - $46K$94K chile14%Export
La Popular Pizza y Pan

transformamos tradiciones..

11 Employees$37K - $25K$76K chile71%Export

pastelería y panadería ar..

84 Employees$8K - $42K$63K chile49%Export
Pain Paillasse Chile

el grand cru del pan suiz..

4 Employees$7K - $18K$64K chile32%Export
La Baguette

... ¡agradable a toda hor..

179 Employees$47K - $49K$53K peru56%Export
La Bella Italia Ecuador

servir alimentos sanos es..

12 Employees$41K - $7K$87K ecuador63%Export
Corporación Rostipollos

comé como te gusta.

152 Employees$19K - $4K$76K costa rica8%Export
Barquillería Esquina

lo rico se disfruta más s..

12 Employees$19K - $31K$59K chile94%Export

¡el crack del pollo!

441 Employees$27K - $26K$57K chile65%Export
Dunkin' Colombia

energía positiva.

192 Employees$17K - $41K$94K colombia37%Export
Myriam Camhi

cocina y pastelería gourm..

40 Employees$16K - $29K$84K colombia78%Export

hamburguesería en la ciud..

5 Employees$42K - $47K$65K colombia13%Export

empresa social que emplea..

8 Employees$37K - $30K$58K peru57%Export

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Using Justo for finding leads

This list of companies that leverage Justo's capabilities is a valuable resource for sales teams. It's an essential tool that can guide sales strategies by providing insights into different sectors and types of businesses that are using Justo's subscription-based software for their online stores.

By analyzing the businesses listed, sales teams can identify patterns and trends, for instance, which industries find Justo most beneficial. This information is invaluable when tailoring pitches to potential clients who fall into similar categories, thus improving the chances of securing a sale.

Additionally, the list can be used to generate business-to-business (B2B) leads. Knowing which companies use Justo gives an indication of their commitment to streamlining their online storefront and delivery options. Therefore, these businesses might be interested in other services or products that complement or enhance their existing setup.

Dive deeper and discover details such as the company size, geographical location, and their specific use of Justo. This valuable data is contributory to more defined and targeted lead generation strategies. Therefore, it's possible to narrow down prospective leads to those who are more likely to find the offering relevant and beneficial.

Finally, the ability to zone in on potential customer pain points is a significant advantage. Businesses using Justo are likely searching for ways to improve their e-commerce capabilities. Companies offering solutions that address these challenges can utilize this list to identify and directly approach potential customers.

In essence, the list of companies using Justo is not just a roster of names. It's a power-packed tool that enables sales teams to target their efforts better, customize their sales pitches, understand trends and ultimately boost their lead generation efficiency and success rate.

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