Companies using JsViews


JsViews is a library used for implementing MVVM architecture in web applications. It provides two-way data binding between the model and the view, allowing automatic synchronization of data changes in both directions without manual intervention. The library was created by Boris Moore, a Microsoft employee, and is widely used in Microsoft projects like Outlook.com and Windows Azure.

JsViews works by separating the view and model, allowing developers to work on them independently. The view section is further divided into two parts - templates and tags. Templates define the structure of HTML elements, while tags represent views and behaviors attached to those templates.

The library provides several features such as declarative syntax, advanced data binding with nested objects, computed values, and extensibility through custom tags and helpers. It also supports animations and transitions, lazy rendering, and can be integrated with other libraries such as jQuery and Knockout.js.

Overall, JsViews is a powerful library that simplifies the development of complex web applications by providing efficient data binding and view management.

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1,503 companies are currently using JsViews


Quilter Investors

innovative and pioneering..

81 Employees$32K - $10K$50K united kingdom..45%Export
British Pathé

proudly yesterday's news

13 Employees$18K - $3K$87K united kingdom..75%Export
Morgan Recruitment Group

empowering everyone to un..

48 Employees$22K - $15K$79K netherlands86%Export
Bactiguard AB

bactiguard is a global in..

109 Employees$27K - $31K$98K sweden41%Export

supplements from science...

38 Employees$39K - $40K$53K united states ..95%Export

everything you need to ru..

300 Employees$2K - $37K$75K spain21%Export
Panamera | IMD Internatio..

committed to your success..

14 Employees$15K - $6K$72K norway82%Export
Riverside Health

living our mission to car..

4,867 Employees$32K - $22K$91K united states ..37%Export
National Marine Manufactu..

boating policy. boating d..

154 Employees$12K - $49K$82K united states ..84%Export
Catena AB (publ)

properties for the logist..

59 Employees$14K - $41K$71K sweden81%Export
Latham Australia Pty. Ltd..

award winning australian ..

10 Employees$37K - $31K$99K australia74%Export
Social Studies, Inc

adweek fastest growing ag..

19 Employees$21K - $5K$81K united states ..75%Export
Greater Birmingham Chambe..

connect, support, grow

136 Employees$50K - $17K$67K united kingdom..14%Export
Text IQ

text iq joined with relat..

22 Employees$9K - $18K$83K united states ..1%Export

14 Employees$42K - $30K$79K united states ..90%Export

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Using JsViews for finding leads

This robust list of companies using JsViews, Microsoft's two-way data-binding library, serves as an advantageous map for sales teams who are looking to find prospective leads. The use of JsViews demonstrates a commitment to robust, scalable web solutions, often indicating a company's readiness to adopt the latest technologies to help push their digital transformation efforts forward.

Sales teams can streamline their prospecting journey by targeting the companies on this list, ensuring they focus their efforts on organizations known to engage with advanced technologies like JsViews. This eliminates the effort spent on trying to detect whether a potential lead is technically-advanced enough to benefit from their product or service.

Moreover, understanding a company's use of JsViews may provide contextual information about their technical capabilities and project needs, which is indispensable in crafting personalized pitches. For instance, if a firm uses JsViews, it suggests that they appreciate high-performing, maintainable JavaScript and likely require ancillary services, tools, or products that align with these values.

One key advantage of JsViews is its association with significant projects like Outlook.com and Windows Azure. Therefore, businesses listed as using this technology are likely involved in substantial, complex projects. This could hint at a positive financial outlook, a more extensive network, or a higher probability of requiring additional technical services—a promising lead for sales teams.

Equipped with the list of companies using JsViews, sales teams can identify and prioritize high-value leads that are more likely to convert. This increases efficiency and allows for more strategic allocation of resources in their lead prospecting journey. Furthermore, understanding a company's existing tech stack can help guide discussions, fostering a more personalized and effective sales approach.

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