Companies using JsRender


JsRender is a template library developed and maintained by Microsoft employee Boris Moore. It is used in various projects, including Outlook.com and Windows Azure. JsRender allows developers to create templates for HTML content that can be dynamically updated with data from JavaScript objects. This makes it easier to manage complex web applications by separating the presentation logic from the data manipulation logic. JsRender uses a syntax similar to other template libraries, such as Mustache or Handlebars, but offers additional features like conditional statements, loops, and filters. The library can be integrated into web applications using a script tag and initialized using JavaScript code. Overall, JsRender is a powerful tool for creating dynamic web content with ease, making it a popular choice for developers working on large-scale web projects.

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1,504 companies are currently using JsRender


Quilter Investors

innovative and pioneering..

81 Employees$10K - $23K$56K united kingdom..53%Export
British Pathé

proudly yesterday's news

13 Employees$48K - $37K$66K united kingdom..16%Export
Morgan Recruitment Group

empowering everyone to un..

48 Employees$12K - $11K$76K netherlands85%Export
Bactiguard AB

bactiguard is a global in..

109 Employees$3K - $19K$51K sweden50%Export

supplements from science...

38 Employees$4K - $16K$97K united states ..90%Export

everything you need to ru..

300 Employees$14K - $28K$59K spain93%Export
Panamera | IMD Internatio..

committed to your success..

14 Employees$43K - $18K$95K norway61%Export
Riverside Health

living our mission to car..

4,867 Employees$35K - $8K$73K united states ..33%Export
National Marine Manufactu..

boating policy. boating d..

154 Employees$24K - $23K$80K united states ..14%Export
Catena AB (publ)

properties for the logist..

59 Employees$4K - $8K$52K sweden15%Export
Latham Australia Pty. Ltd..

award winning australian ..

10 Employees$36K - $16K$87K australia1%Export
Social Studies, Inc

adweek fastest growing ag..

19 Employees$43K - $34K$58K united states ..60%Export
Greater Birmingham Chambe..

connect, support, grow

136 Employees$33K - $4K$78K united kingdom..89%Export
Text IQ

text iq joined with relat..

22 Employees$20K - $7K$60K united states ..22%Export

14 Employees$40K - $15K$81K united states ..23%Export

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Using JsRender for finding leads

This comprehensive list offers insights into firms making use of JsRender, a prominent template library recognized for its use in distinguished projects like Outlook.com and Windows Azure. The value in this data compilation lies chiefly in the potential implications for lead prospecting and business opportunities for sales teams specifically oriented towards web technologies.

An understanding of a company's selected web technology can present valuable insights into their operational style, growth trajectory, and potential needs for supplementary services or products. In this context, the list of companies utilizing JsRender can provide initial leads for businesses providing related services. For example, companies on the list may require assistance with implementation, consultation around best practices, ongoing technical support, or resources for further developing their in-house skills—opportunities that businesses oriented towards supporting JsRender users can swiftly identify and react to.

Moreover, the relevance behind this list extends to teams that offer ancillary technologies or integrations that enhance JsRender's functionality. If a firm's solution integrates seamlessly with JsRender, these listed companies become viable leads as they are already familiar with the benefits and structure of JsRender.

The categorization of enterprises by technology usage allows for a more targeted and efficient outreach strategy. Rather than deploying resources towards broad, unfocused lead generation, sales teams can use this list to target and connect with businesses in a manner consistent with their specific needs and pain points. This approach could increase engagement rates, conversions, and ultimately, sales efficiency.

Accessing a list of companies using JsRender also provides competitive intelligence. Understanding market segmentation and technology adoption trends can inform business development strategy, potentially facilitating an expansion into new markets or better positioning in existing ones.

In summation, a compilation of companies using JsRender can equip sales teams with vital information that aids lead prospecting, provides competitive intelligence, enhances outreach strategies, and optimizes sales efficiency. By leveraging this list, organizations can strategically align their offerings to meet the needs of JsRender users, fostering mutually beneficial business relationships in the process.

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