Companies using JoomShopping

JoomShopping is an open-source ecommerce plugin designed for Joomla, which enables website owners to create an online store. It is a shopping cart extension that provides features such as product management, order management, and payment gateway integration for online transactions. JoomShopping allows users to manage their store with ease, whether they are selling physical or digital products.

The plugin comes with various functionalities such as search engine optimization (SEO), discount coupons, product ratings and reviews, multiple currencies support, and multilingual capabilities. Users can customize the look and feel of their store with JoomShopping by using templates and modules.

JoomShopping also offers integration with popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and, making it easier for customers to make payments. Additionally, JoomShopping has a built-in statistics system that lets website owners track sales, customer behavior, and other metrics related to their store's performance.

Overall, JoomShopping is a robust ecommerce solution for Joomla users who want to build an online store with rich features and customizable options.

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346 companies are currently using JoomShopping


Inter Systems

современное оборудование ..

4 Employees$46K - $8K$91K ukraine62%Export
ecoDMS GmbH

archivierungssoftware zum..

6 Employees$43K - $43K$62K germany66%Export
Newave Tower Components

Tower Sites Components Fo..

7 Employees$44K - $20K$55K united states ..46%Export
Metall Werk Zürich AG

entwurf und bau von metal..

6 Employees$35K - $14K$71K switzerland3%Export
Eurocolumbus S.p.A.

non esistono problemi, so..

18 Employees$41K - $36K$55K italy1%Export
die Schilder - Fieseler &..

beschilderung 🪧 kennzeic..

9 Employees$15K - $9K$61K germany84%Export

your one-stop solution fo..

5 Employees$34K - $37K$85K iran, islamic ..50%Export
Mediproma B.V.

medical equipment should ..

9 Employees$42K - $24K$71K netherlands55%Export
Cambay Industrias Aliment..

desarrollos industriales

7 Employees$32K - $3K$98K uruguay81%Export

10 Employees$17K - $29K$68K switzerland8%Export
CalamarsCompany! - Constr..

especializados en solucio..

1 Employees$10K - $36K$55K spain94%Export
Diagon Diagnostics Ltd

global manufacturer of iv..

52 Employees$14K - $27K$94K hungary96%Export
Despert & co

gevestigde waarde in de d..

4 Employees$11K - $20K$65K belgium71%Export
INSOFT Datenverarbeitungs..

industriesoftware · proze..

7 Employees$2K - $43K$75K austria84%Export

компания deps является кр..

344 Employees$40K - $25K$67K ukraine50%Export

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Using JoomShopping for finding leads

This diverse list of businesses uses JoomShopping, an ecommerce plugin known for its open-source nature and integration with Joomla. It is an invaluable tool for sales teams seeking to expand their client network and assist companies looking for ecommerce solutions.

Access to a list of companies utilizing JoomShopping can help uncover new prospects across various industries since JoomShopping is not restricted to a specific sector. It showcases the flexibility and widespread acceptance of JoomShopping as a reliable ecommerce solution.

Prospecting can be fine-tuned by targeting companies that already appreciate and trust open-source technology. This significantly reduces the resistance often encountered during the initial phases of outreach.

Furthermore, sales teams can better tailor their pitches and proposals to the specific needs and pain points of these companies, knowing that they use Joomla and JoomShopping. They can highlight the compatibility of their product or service with the Joomla framework, or how they can enhance the company's existing ecommerce capabilities within the JoomShopping environment.

Moreover, these lists can provide sales teams with a clearer understanding of market trends and segmentation—the industries, regions, and company sizes where JoomShopping is most commonly used. Such insights can guide business strategy and facilitate more focused prospecting.

Finally, by reaching out to these companies, sales teams can not only offer solutions that supplement the JoomShopping experience, but also learn from feedback and improve their offering. A dialogue with JoomShopping users can generate leads today and optimize conversion rates in the future.

The main value of this list lies in its potential to boost lead generation efforts, bring market insights, and, ultimately, drive business growth. The breadth and depth of information about companies using JoomShopping make this list an asset for effective lead prospecting.

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