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Intersection Observer is a browser API that allows developers to observe the visibility and position of a DOM element relative to its containing root element or viewport. This API can help optimize web performance by allowing developers to defer the loading of elements until they are needed, reducing unnecessary resource consumption. With Intersection Observer, developers can monitor when an element enters or exits the viewport, as well as track changes in the size and position of elements. This information can be used to trigger actions such as lazy loading images, infinite scrolling, or animating elements when they become visible on the screen. By using Intersection Observer, developers can create more efficient and responsive web experiences for users, while minimizing unnecessary requests and network traffic.

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2,716 companies are currently using Intersection Observer



kerbside management, mobi..

44 Employees$2K - $48K$58K united kingdom..17%Export

your partner in eliminati..

136 Employees$50K - $8K$91K united states ..81%Export

contemporary womenswear &..

93 Employees$40K - $44K$84K united kingdom..39%Export
WYSE London

effortless style for wome..

37 Employees$1K - $7K$78K united kingdom..12%Export
Betty Blocks

betty blocks low-code: th..

129 Employees$17K - $33K$60K netherlands89%Export

we help people get afford..

137 Employees$16K - $25K$98K united states ..55%Export

at qualtrics, our mission..

5,590 Employees$32K - $35K$98K united states ..50%Export
Matthews Asia

over 30 years of investin..

140 Employees$18K - $49K$64K united states ..52%Export
Citation Professional Sol..

getting businesses ready ..

560 Employees$33K - $43K$80K united kingdom..44%Export
Dreamlines GmbH

117 Employees$24K - $2K$91K germany38%Export
Never Fully Dressed

the fashion brand that ma..

47 Employees$39K - $24K$90K united kingdom..3%Export
Newmarket Holidays

where stories begin

143 Employees$13K - $9K$54K united kingdom..69%Export
Your Nature Eco Resort Be..

your uncompromising escap..

31 Employees$3K - $41K$52K belgium87%Export
Mango Materials

41 Employees$37K - $11K$94K united states ..54%Export
TopSpot Internet Marketin..

digital strategies & expe..

146 Employees$18K - $32K$93K united states ..46%Export

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Using Intersection Observer for finding leads

Perusing a list of companies using Intersection Observer paves the way for invaluable opportunities for sales teams. This technologically sound and modern database can ensure leads are not only relevant but also valuable. With a rich assortment of companies embracing Intersection Observer, salespeople get access to a pool of prospective business partners keen on leveraging cutting-edge web technologies.

Understanding the technology preferences of potential leads provides valuable insights to sales teams pursuing these companies. Entities using Intersection Observer typically value modern, high-performance web solutions that improve user experiences. Their conviction in adopting efficient and effective technologies suggest that they may be open to other cutting-edge digital solutions.

Through direct contact with these companies, sales teams can better align their propositions with a likely need, narrowing the sales funnel quickly. By focusing on companies that have already shown a keenness for advanced browser APIs, the sales process becomes substantially more efficient.

Moreover, the list also gives a sales team a perspective about the potential size and scope of the market; a large list indicates a broad acceptance of the technology and potentially greater business opportunity. With the list offering direct access to key stakeholders using Intersection Observer, the sales journey will be more streamlined and targeted.

Overall, this list strengthens the sales strategy by identifying high-value prospective clients, enhancing efficiency, and providing sound insight into their technology preferences. This not only aids in achieving sales objectives in a faster timeline but also helps refine future targeting strategies. The list of companies using Intersection Observer, thus, becomes a fundamental tool for bolstering lead generation and conversion rates.

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