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Companies using Index Exchange

Index Exchange is a technology platform that provides a way for media companies to sell their digital advertising space through programmatic auctions. With Index Exchange, media companies can customize various aspects of their ad inventory to better match buyers' needs and optimize revenue. Through this platform, buyers can bid on ad placements in real time, providing a more efficient marketplace for both publishers and advertisers. Index Exchange's technology also includes advanced analytics and reporting tools to help media companies make data-driven decisions about their ad inventory. Overall, Index Exchange aims to simplify the process of buying and selling ad space while offering greater control and transparency to all parties involved.

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6,021 companies are currently using Index Exchange



the new way to tour, buy ..

13 Employees$28K - $42K$64K united states ..40%Export

advice, insights and ephe..

43 Employees$44K - $6K$63K united states ..19%Export

stocktwits is the largest..

71 Employees$8K - $20K$92K united states ..26%Export

changing how you follow s..

205 Employees$33K - $9K$95K united states ..25%Export

retail news and expert in..

26 Employees$27K - $19K$76K united states ..28%Export
The Everygirl Media Group..

the ultimate online resou..

83 Employees$48K - $13K$60K united states ..19%Export

62 Employees$23K - $8K$57K united states ..87%Export
Texas Monthly

texas attitude, national ..

198 Employees$34K - $49K$90K united states ..8%Export
Ars Technica

original news, reviews, a..

153 Employees$16K - $28K$82K united states ..54%Export

resume-library is the fas..

40 Employees$32K - $4K$88K united states ..27%Export

being “on your side” is t..

204 Employees$20K - $47K$58K united states ..85%Export
Telemundo Houston | KTMD

telemundo houston - ktmd ..

84 Employees$6K - $11K$83K united states ..95%Export
Relix Media Group

we open doors for the son..

61 Employees$9K - $48K$57K united states ..43%Export

your trusted, authentic, ..

11 Employees$18K - $16K$55K united states ..73%Export

sharper insight. smarter ..

159 Employees$25K - $15K$90K united states ..56%Export

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Using Index Exchange for finding leads

This list is a valuable resource that showcases various companies utilizing Index Exchange, a cutting-edge exchange technology adopted by sell side media firms to programmatically and instantly monetize ad inventories.

Being a collection of firms that are at the forefront of their industries, these companies aim for high efficiency in ad optimization, representing a wide variety of industries. The industries range from digital marketing, media, e-commerce, to software and technology firms, among others.

Sales teams aiming to offer services or solutions fitted to businesses employing advanced programmatic advertising technologies will find these companies as ideal leads. The list empowers sales teams to cater their approach to potential clients who value digital innovation and are already implementing sophisticated systems like Index Exchange.

Moreover, since the listed firms understand the advantages of programmatic real-time advertisement management, selling products or services complementing or enhancing these functionalities would be strategic. As such, the list expedites lead qualification process, ensuring that sales teams can concentrate their efforts on prospects with high conversion potential.

In a nutshell, this list of companies using Index Exchange can enable sales teams to identify and target potential leads that are tech-savvy, value efficiency in ad management, and are likely to be interested in services and products enhancing their existing advertising infrastructure.

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