Companies using ID5

ID5 is a technology company that presents a distinctive solution within the digital advertising industry. It offers a Universal ID technology, an innovative approach for user recognition and tracking across multiple websites. The primary purpose of this technology is to foster greater fluency and security in digital advertising by providing a more privacy-compliant user recognition system than traditional third-party cookies.

This Universal ID technology serves as a privacy-conscious alternative to traditional methods in the digital advertising industry, which often involve collecting and tracking users' personal identifiers like email addresses. Instead of leaning upon these highly sensitive pieces of personal information, ID5's Universal ID assigns a unique, non-identifying token to each user, that's encrypted to ensure data privacy.

Equipped with this ID, advertisers and publishers can recognise users as they move throughout the web, allowing for more relevant and personalized ad experiences without compromising on privacy. This technology is also designed to work on all browsers, devices, or platforms, maintaining effectiveness even as cookie support is phased out in many modern web browsers.

The use of ID5's Universal ID begins with its integration into a publisher's website. This integration is done through their tag or API. When a user visits a website that has integrated ID5's technology, a unique and privacy-focused identifier, the 'Universal ID', is generated for that user and stored locally on their device. This ID is then used to identify the user during future visits or interactions with other sites utilizing the Universal ID system.

On the advertiser's side, the Universal IDs are utilized for efficient ad targeting and delivery. By leveraging these IDs during programmatic buying, advertisers get a more comprehensive picture of user engagement, making the ad delivery process more efficient and accurate. This system ensures a privacy-safe, yet effective way to enable user recognition, tracking, and ad targeting in digital advertising, thereby improving user experience while respecting privacy.

In sum, ID5's offering is an innovative solution in the digital advertising landscape, serving as an efficient, privacy-friendly alternative to third-party cookies. It marks a significant shift towards balancing the needs of online advertising with the increasing demand for user privacy.

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28,929 companies are currently using ID5



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Using ID5 for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing ID5's identity solution for digital advertising is a valuable and powerful sales resource. It provides the potential for an unmatched level of insight into organizations that prioritize modern, privacy-compliant advertising methods. These companies understand the importance of user recognition without relying on personal information or third-party cookies, showcasing their commitment to consumer privacy and relevant content distribution.

Sales teams can focus their prospecting efforts efficiently by identifying companies that understand and value up-to-date digital advertising solutions. Such businesses are likely candidates for services and products that can complement or enhance their current operations. These can include, but are not limited to, analytical tools, ad targeting technologies, or privacy compliance services.

This list can also help sales teams understand the landscape of privacy-conscious advertising, making it easier to identify trends, predict needs, and tailor their offerings accordingly. By learning which companies are early adopters of privacy-compliant technologies such as ID5's solution, sales teams can position their own products or services as future-proof solutions that stay in line with the industry's direction.

Flexibility in tailoring pitches becomes another added advantage due to in-depth knowledge about these companies. Knowing that these organizations value privacy and relevance allows sales teams to highlight these aspects in their statements, therefore aligning closely with the company's ethos and improving their chances of success.

In summary, this list of companies using ID5 can help concentrate lead prospecting efforts, understand client needs better, and fine-tune pitches to resonate with targeted companies.

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