Companies using i-mobile


i-mobile is an advertising platform that serves as a bridge between advertisers and publishers. Advertisers can advertise their products or services through i-mobile, while publishers can monetize their online space by displaying these ads on their websites. This platform enables both parties to benefit from each other's strengths - advertisers can reach a wider audience through the publisher's website, while publishers can earn revenue by displaying the ads. i-mobile provides a range of ad formats such as display ads, native ads, video ads, and more, which helps them cater to the diverse needs of their clients. By partnering with i-mobile, businesses can leverage its extensive network of publishers and target relevant audiences to improve the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. Additionally, publishers can use i-mobile's tools to optimize their ad inventory and maximize their earnings. Overall, i-mobile is an efficient and effective platform for businesses looking to advertise their product and publishers looking to monetize their online content.

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39 companies are currently using i-mobile


Native Camp

one of the leading online..

3,295 Employees$1K - $36K$74K serbia75%Export
Loco Partners, Inc. (Relu..

24 Employees$9K - $26K$63K japan47%Export
TuneCore Japan

アーティスト・ レーベルのための音楽配信流通サービ..

14 Employees$42K - $43K$89K japan14%Export
piccoma Europe

leading manga and comics ..

43 Employees$44K - $42K$93K france55%Export
la belle vie Inc.

la belle vie inc. runs ja..

90 Employees$6K - $4K$72K japan23%Export

58 Employees$2K - $12K$87K japan56%Export
Life Shift Lab Inc.


4 Employees$11K - $29K$93K japan40%Export

transform into the best v..

1 Employees$44K - $31K$65K japan77%Export
Sow Experience Inc.

13 Employees$18K - $35K$65K japan83%Export
SPOT Report Magazine

1 Employees$10K - $19K$70K japan18%Export
Otak Otaku

Sumber Informasi Anime Te..

8 Employees$7K - $37K$79K indonesia57%Export

485 Employees$7K - $3K$55K japan91%Export
Tama Home

18 Employees$40K - $41K$99K -42%Export

11 Employees$4K - $30K$64K japan60%Export

8 Employees$9K - $30K$97K -78%Export

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Using i-mobile for finding leads

The comprehensive list of companies provided offers a valuable resource for sales teams to identify prospective leads who utilize i-mobile technology. These potential business partners are seeking ways to leverage advertising platforms and monetize their digital spaces, thus they're likely open to explore complementary services or products that could enhance their marketing efforts.

The companies listed could range from small digital businesses to large corporations, all of whom have recognized the value of using i-mobile's advertising platform. This demonstrates their readiness to adapt new technologies for business growth and potentially indicates a forward-thinking business strategy.

Sales teams can use this list as a starting source for lead acquisition. Understanding the company's initial use of i-mobile technology offers a valuable insight into their business operations, allowing for tailored outreach campaigns. It leaves room to present meaningful offers of products or services that align with the company's existing operations, creating a more personalized and impactful sales pitch.

The list itself serves as a dynamic prospecting tool, offering a structured method to track, research, and prioritize potential leads. It can help identify companies that may be most receptive to new opportunities and initiatives, amid their already progressive utilization of digital platforms like i-mobile.

Therefore, the list of companies using i-mobile provides the sales team an unmissable opportunity to both locate and understand potential leads better, making business proposals resonate more deeply and result potentially in higher conversion rates.

In essence, the value of this list lies in its ability to directly connect sales teams with companies that have a demonstrated interest in progressive digital advertising strategies, and likely can benefit from further enhancement or diversification of their current marketing solutions.

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