Companies using Howler.js

Howler.js is an audio library that provides support for the Web Audio API, which is a high-level JavaScript API for processing and synthesizing audio in web applications. It also includes a fallback mechanism for HTML5 Audio, which ensures cross-browser compatibility for playing audio files. With Howler.js, developers can easily load and play audio files, control playback speed, volume, and loop sections of audio. Additionally, it supports various audio formats such as mp3, wav, and ogg, and allows for spatial audio playback by applying 3D positioning and Doppler effects to sounds. Howler.js is an open-source library and can be used in various web applications where audio playback is required.

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7,287 companies are currently using Howler.js



syky is building a platfo..

22 Employees$34K - $1K$65K united states ..43%Export

insurtech as a service | ..

25 Employees$16K - $20K$86K united states ..46%Export

digital banking solutions..

133 Employees$49K - $40K$78K united states ..12%Export
Modern Treasury

payment operations soluti..

195 Employees$15K - $30K$91K united states ..1%Export
Homerr | Duurzaam verzend..

the fastest growing and m..

54 Employees$9K - $4K$73K netherlands50%Export

a collaborative hiring pl..

85 Employees$4K - $10K$52K united states ..95%Export
The Shelf Influencer Mark..

🏆3x inc 5000 honoree! cr..

58 Employees$33K - $44K$61K united states ..58%Export

get your reading done fas..

129 Employees$1K - $41K$91K united states ..96%Export
Beam Global

clean mobility for all

75 Employees$47K - $41K$55K united states ..80%Export
Hey Honey

a global social-first cre..

19 Employees$41K - $42K$93K netherlands15%Export
Cars & Bids

cars & bids has daily auc..

85 Employees$33K - $14K$76K united states ..39%Export

even empowers artists and..

25 Employees$28K - $33K$80K united states ..39%Export

genomic medicines for ocu..

44 Employees$21K - $23K$81K france85%Export
Slate Digital

Click VISIT WEBSITE to et..

47 Employees$20K - $28K$72K united states ..32%Export

answer every call intelli..

59 Employees$46K - $31K$63K united states ..49%Export

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Using Howler.js for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies using Howler.js presents an invaluable resource for sales teams seeking to identify potential leads. Recognizing the relevance of Howler.js, an audio library with robust functionality, these organizations have implemented the technology, signifying their commitment to enhancing the user experience through high-quality audio features on their platforms.

By detailing the names of the businesses, their industries, and the scope of their implementation of Howler.js, the list paints a clear picture of the level of importance that these companies place on audio technology. This specific profile can assist sales teams in targeting companies for sales prospects, suiting particularly well to those offering complementary technologies, tools, or services related to web development, audio hardware, or other related offerings.

Moreover, the list can help sales teams to define focused, personalized outreach strategies. Knowing that a company already utilizes Howler.js hints at its tech-savviness and potential readiness to invest in further web technology tools that drive enhanced user interaction and engagement. In this way, sales representatives can tailor their pitches, demonstrate their products' compatibility with Howler.js, and express how their offerings could provide additional value in that particular setting.

Finally, by providing other pertinent company information, such as size, location, and industry, sales teams are empowered to prioritize their prospecting efforts and direct their energies where they are likely to be most effective.

In short, this list of Howler.js-using companies proof a treasure trove of potential leads for sales teams. By providing insights into a company's tech usage and indicative business priorities, it enables sales reps to tailor their strategies for maximum yield and effectiveness. Thus, serving as an essential asset for lead prospecting in a highly competitive market.

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