Companies using GrowingIO

GrowingIO is a web analytics platform that enables organizations to track user behavior on their websites or mobile applications. It offers a range of features, including user journey tracking, A/B testing, and conversion rate optimization. GrowingIO uses machine learning algorithms to analyze user data and generate insights that can help businesses make informed decisions about their online presence. The platform also provides customizable dashboards and reports to visualize key performance metrics and monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. GrowingIO can be integrated with a variety of third-party tools such as CRM systems, email marketing software, and data warehouses. It offers both free and paid plans based on the volume of data and level of support required. Overall, GrowingIO aims to help businesses improve their online customer experience and increase their revenue by providing actionable insights into user behavior.

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336 companies are currently using GrowingIO



tech company, innovation ..

47 Employees$14K - $32K$52K brazil37%Export
SenseTime 商汤科技

ai for a better tomorrow

2,014 Employees$48K - $18K$58K hong kong38%Export

ai empowers everyone and ..

33 Employees$17K - $44K$86K united states ..65%Export

vpgame is the world’s pre..

25 Employees$13K - $31K$57K united states ..66%Export
Captain BI

1st business intelligence..

4 Employees$10K - $35K$56K united states ..95%Export

accelerating innovation t..

63 Employees$47K - $21K$85K united states ..93%Export
WonderCV 超级简历

28 Employees$41K - $18K$60K china46%Export
Caixin Global

392 Employees$15K - $41K$78K china64%Export
Turing Robot

14 Employees$11K - $14K$71K china44%Export

5 Employees$28K - $13K$55K china5%Export

additive manufacturing so..

10 Employees$19K - $34K$82K china92%Export
Hangzhou Yifangyun Networ..

3 Employees$47K - $5K$95K china56%Export

power humanity with ai.

537 Employees$17K - $24K$84K china14%Export


139 Employees$15K - $21K$65K china98%Export

world’s largest diving ap..

5 Employees$10K - $24K$58K china71%Export

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Using GrowingIO for finding leads

The list of companies that incorporate GrowingIO in their operations provides tremendous value for sales teams seeking leads. Given GrowingIO's specialization in data analytics and data-driven decision-making tools, it's self-evident that any company using this technology has a strong commitment to leveraging data in their business decisions. Thus, this list primarily includes forward-thinking, data-driven businesses.

Sales teams can leverage this information in several ways. First and foremost, they get immediate access to potential clients who value data analytics and are therefore potential candidates for any data-related product or service being sold. It accelerates the prospecting process by centering on businesses that already understand and appreciate the value of data.

Moreover, the presence of a company on this list can also imply a certain level of technological infrastructure, digital literacy, and investment in tools that prop up data-led decision making. This might encompass a broad range of cutting-edge tech solutions, from data storage to cybersecurity to machine learning applications. Therefore, any offering that aligns with these implications can lead to potential leads.

Indeed, for sales teams with data-related offerings, or those with products that cater to digitally advanced companies, this list of companies using GrowingIO serves as a valuable starting point. The technology's user base shows the precise businesses that might have a built-in interest or need for their product or service, narrowing the market in a way that can accelerate the entire sales process.

In a nutshell, this list helps sales teams make smart, efficient prospecting decisions by focusing on companies that are likely to have a strong alignment with their products or services.

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