Companies using Glide.js

Glide.js is a JavaScript library that allows developers to create sliders and carousels in web applications. It is lightweight and does not require any external dependencies, making it a popular choice for developers who want a simple and fast way to add sliding functionality to their websites.

The library is written in ES6 syntax, which is the latest version of JavaScript, and provides a number of features such as custom animations, lazy loading, and touch support for mobile devices. Glide.js also supports keyboard navigation, which makes it easy for users to navigate through slides using their arrow keys.

One of the key benefits of Glide.js is its flexibility. It can be easily customized to fit the specific needs of your project. For example, you can change the size and spacing of the slides, adjust the animation speed, and add navigation buttons or pagination.

Glide.js is also designed to be accessible for all users, including those with disabilities. The library includes support for ARIA attributes, which help screen readers to interpret the content on your website correctly.

Overall, Glide.js is a powerful and versatile slider and carousel library that can be used to enhance the user experience of your website. Its lightweight and flexible nature make it a popular choice among developers who want to add sliding functionality quickly and easily.

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26,422 companies are currently using Glide.js



the insurtech leader for ..

52 Employees$27K - $16K$52K united states ..43%Export

ori makes it easy to depl..

38 Employees$43K - $13K$77K united kingdom..53%Export

the software platform tha..

33 Employees$34K - $20K$86K united kingdom..51%Export
Square Sense

the data driven asset man..

35 Employees$6K - $33K$53K france88%Export
Socially Determined

social risk intelligence™..

44 Employees$33K - $36K$71K united states ..93%Export

create events as original..

77 Employees$26K - $8K$91K united kingdom..34%Export
Frisco Economic Developme..

18 Employees$20K - $43K$64K united states ..58%Export
Oakland Promise

oakland promise is a crad..

75 Employees$41K - $42K$51K united states ..2%Export

ai-enabled employee and s..

25 Employees$5K - $26K$90K united states ..10%Export
Salad Money

more than your score

29 Employees$17K - $29K$89K united kingdom..17%Export

partner ecosystem managem..

86 Employees$30K - $50K$84K united states ..62%Export
Dutch Pet, Inc.

dutch makes high-quality ..

52 Employees$18K - $43K$51K united states ..34%Export
Brightcore Energy

brightcore energy is a pr..

90 Employees$17K - $32K$58K united states ..78%Export
TheySaid | Continuous Chu..

uncover opportunities and..

22 Employees$7K - $16K$82K united states ..26%Export

unlock profitable growth ..

71 Employees$24K - $6K$65K united kingdom..39%Export

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Using Glide.js for finding leads

Glide.js is a go-to technology for those who need high-performing, robust, and customizable slider and carousel solutions for their web projects. The list of companies using Glide.js provides a valuable insight into businesses that prioritize effective and engaging web presentations.

This list is a goldmine for sales teams looking for qualified leads. Companies that utilize Glide.js have already shown a commitment to utilizing advanced web technology. This signals their openness to technological solutions that can promote business efficiency, scalability, and customer engagement. Therefore, businesses that sell web technology, design, or marketing services can find a reception to their offerings.

Moreover, the businesses on the list are likely to have a tech-savvy team or employ designers and developers who appreciate the value of high-quality tools and services in this sphere. This high level of tech-literacy means that they are likely to understand the value proposition of related products quickly, resulting in potentially shorter sales cycles.

This list provides the much-needed insight to foster strategically-oriented sales approaches. By exploring similar characteristics between different businesses using Glide.js, sales teams can identify common needs or pain points these companies may potentially have. This information can then be used to tailor the sales pitch more specifically to potential leads, heightening the chance of conversion.

In summary, the list of companies using Glide.js is an invaluable resource for sales teams. It gives a clearer understanding of the types of businesses that value advanced web solutions, represents opportunities for more targeted sales approaches, and may lead to higher sales conversion rates.

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