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Front Chat is a web-based live chat solution that enables website visitors to communicate with businesses in real-time. The tool allows users to manage all inbound chats straight from their email inbox, making it easier for businesses to respond quickly and efficiently to customer inquiries.

With Front Chat, businesses can customize the look and feel of their chat widget to match their brand and website design. Users can also set up automated responses to frequently asked questions, reducing the time and effort required to handle repetitive inquiries. Additionally, the tool offers features such as file sharing, message threading, and conversation history, which help businesses provide better customer support by giving agents access to relevant information about the customer and their interaction history.

One of the key benefits of Front Chat is its integration with popular business tools like Slack, Salesforce, and HubSpot. This integration allows businesses to streamline their workflows and manage their customer communication across multiple channels from a central location.

Overall, Front Chat is an intuitive and flexible live chat solution that helps businesses improve their customer service and build stronger relationships with their customers.

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884 companies are currently using Front Chat



we make software to build..

93 Employees$36K - $48K$87K united states ..69%Export

automatically classify, c..

23 Employees$31K - $18K$96K united states ..29%Export

we provide delivery drive..

72 Employees$11K - $46K$61K united states ..30%Export

chore less.

88 Employees$13K - $46K$63K united states ..50%Export
Clac Des Doigts

19 Employees$9K - $41K$81K france36%Export
Emerald Stay® (A certifie..

real estate and hospitali..

47 Employees$12K - $16K$65K switzerland92%Export

faire de la cuisine l’ing..

172 Employees$16K - $39K$86K france55%Export

the digital coaching solu..

111 Employees$39K - $43K$66K france57%Export
Context Travel

walking tours • audio gui..

253 Employees$20K - $47K$76K united states ..74%Export

codi offers turnkey, priv..

63 Employees$32K - $8K$59K united states ..22%Export

37 Employees$7K - $20K$60K united kingdom..95%Export
Native Teams

global work solutions for..

194 Employees$38K - $27K$65K united kingdom..97%Export

revolutionising business ..

28 Employees$2K - $18K$70K united kingdom..89%Export

the neighborhood farm. we..

21 Employees$22K - $27K$93K united states ..19%Export

the future of financing. ..

117 Employees$8K - $19K$75K united states ..75%Export

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Using Front Chat for finding leads

This curated list of companies using Front Chat represents a significant opportunity for sales teams aiming to find potential leads. By reviewing each organization, readers can better understand the scope and diversity of Front Chat's users, and hence its applicability to a wide range of businesses.

It's interesting to observe how cutting-edge technology such as live website chat services offered by are being adopted across multiple industries. This can be a crucial factor for sales teams who identify, analyze, and target businesses that lean towards using advanced technology tools.

Moreover, companies that trust Front Chat for their communication needs are likely forward-thinking, open to innovative solutions that enhance their customer interactions. This suggests they might be open to discussing other value-adding solutions, which makes them ideal leads for product and service providers.

Additionally, the size, domain, location, and other demographic details of a company which uses Front Chat can assist sales teams in segmenting and narrowing down their approach for better lead generation. For instance, if a sales team's product is better suited for small businesses, they can take the queue from the list to identify which businesses would be the most strategic to approach.

Furthermore, businesses currently using Front Chat may have insight into gaps or needs that are not currently being fulfilled, therefore may be more receptive to hear about potential solutions. Knowing which businesses utilize Front Chat can help sales teams efficiently reach businesses actively seeking out or open to exploring innovative solutions.

These insights and more are what makes this list of companies a valuable resource. It delivers a layer of intelligence that nourishes lead prospecting and significantly reduces research time. Profiting from this list, sales teams can refine their strategies to connect more effectively with potential leads and ultimately, grow sales.

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