Companies using is a platform that allows publishers to customize their ad placements without requiring any technical expertise. Essentially, the platform makes it easy for publishers to create and manage ads on their websites by providing a simple, user-friendly interface.

The main benefit of is that it saves publishers time and resources, since they don't need to invest in technical infrastructure or personnel to manage their ads. Instead, they can simply use the platform to create customized ads that fit their website's design and layout.

Moreover, also offers various tools and features that help publishers optimize their ad revenue. This includes real-time analytics, A/B testing, and automatic ad optimization based on user behavior.

Overall, is a powerful tool that empowers publishers to take control of their ad placements and maximize their revenue potential. By removing technical barriers and offering a suite of useful features, the platform helps publishers succeed in an increasingly competitive online advertising landscape.

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90 companies are currently using


Honolulu Star-Advertiser

the pulse of paradise.

189 Employees$28K - $33K$76K united states ..37%Export

israel's largest news and..

245 Employees$23K - $20K$54K israel53%Export
Junk Mail Marketplace

place a free ad and start..

182 Employees$2K - $40K$58K south africa18%Export

playbill is the theatre-l..

120 Employees$21K - $36K$98K united states ..10%Export

all the news, opinion and..

523 Employees$18K - $18K$97K israel95%Export
Job Mail

with a huge selection of ..

552 Employees$10K - $2K$90K south africa73%Export

hassle-free, tailored ad ..

11 Employees$32K - $37K$85K -37%Export

The world's most visited ..

695 Employees$32K - $10K$67K chile53%Export
Publimetro Colombia

el periódico gratuito más..

65 Employees$14K - $20K$60K colombia76%Export
Metro Jornal

Quer receber nossa edição..

55 Employees$13K - $39K$50K brazil52%Export

21 Employees$41K - $26K$82K united states ..63%Export
Fundación Multimedios

somos una fundación de me..

4 Employees$22K - $46K$52K mexico49%Export
El Financiero

somos más que economía y ..

433 Employees$14K - $21K$68K mexico45%Export
IPESSP - Educação

o conhecimento é o seu ma..

113 Employees$17K - $9K$86K brazil4%Export

138 Employees$37K - $24K$87K israel63%Export

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Using for finding leads

The list of companies using is a beneficial resource for sales teams in search of leads. Its focus is on companies that actively utilize customized ad placements to foster site engagement, making them potential customers for related products and services.

This resourceful list of companies offers several key benefits:

  1. Focused Market: These companies already value high-quality web monetization through advanced ad placements and, as such, may be more receptive to services that complement or enhance their efforts.

  2. Insight into Company Requirements: As users, listed companies likely have specific needs concerning web advertising and monetization. Sales teams can tailor their approach to meet these requirements, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful engagements.

  3. Ideal for Prospecting: This list can help sales teams zero in on the right targets. Instead of casting a wide net, sales professionals can focus their efforts on a select group of leads potentially interested in their offerings.

  4. Time Savings: Cut down the time spent researching potential leads. With a prepared list of users, your sales team can start readying their sales strategies and campaigns sooner.

Ultimately, this list can streamline the lead generation process, enhance the sales team's efficiency, and potentially boost the conversion rate by focusing on the right prospects. It can pave the way for more meaningful conversations with potential clients who already understand, value, and invest in sophisticated ad placement technology.

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