DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM)
Companies using DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM)

DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) is an advertising management platform that allows advertisers and agencies to plan, execute, and measure their digital advertising campaigns across various channels like display, video, mobile, and social media. Formerly known as DFA (DoubleClick for Advertisers), DCM simplifies the ad buying process by providing a single platform to manage all aspects of a campaign.

Using DCM, advertisers can create and manage ads campaigns, including setting up targeting options, scheduling ads, and measuring the performance of their campaigns. The platform also provides advanced features like dynamic creative optimization, which enables advertisers to deliver personalized ads based on user behavior and preferences.

DCM integrates with other Google marketing products like Google Analytics and Google Ads, allowing advertisers to track the effectiveness of their campaigns and optimize their strategies in real-time. The platform also offers reporting capabilities, giving advertisers access to detailed metrics and insights about their campaigns' performance.

Overall, DoubleClick Campaign Manager is a robust tool that streamlines the ad buying process and helps advertisers and agencies achieve their marketing goals efficiently.

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1,417 companies are currently using DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM)



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732 Employees$42K - $3K$98K united states ..42%Export
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HELLO! Magazine

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The Onion

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Merriam-Webster Inc.

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86 Employees$27K - $34K$75K united states ..54%Export
Northshore Magazine

Explore the best of the N..

12 Employees$42K - $42K$78K united states ..40%Export

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Using DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) for finding leads

Understanding where prospects lie is crucial to building a successful sales strategy. A list of companies using DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) can transform the way sales teams identify and engage potential leads.

DCM, a tool used extensively for digital marketing solutions, enables a wide variety of businesses to make informed decisions and create meaningful interactions with their target audiences. By leveraging a list of DCM users, sales teams can efficiently pinpoint organizations that value data-driven marketing techniques, understand the importance of analytical insights, and operate in the digital space. This not only narrows the field of prospects but also creates a pool of potential clients with demonstrated interest in similar solutions, making the sales efforts more targeted and potentially more fruitful.

A list of DCM-using companies also allows sales teams to comprehend the size and scale of the market. Subsequently, understanding the needs and business models of consistent DCM users can contribute significantly to the development of custom sales pitches. What's more, recognizing the challenges these companies might face with DCM aligns potential solutions with the need gaps.

Furthermore, a list like this can also help sales teams identify potential trends within specific sectors or regions. This vital information assists in formulating more strategic and evidence-based sales plans going forward.

To conclude, a list of companies utilizing DoubleClick Campaign Manager translates into a rich resource for sales teams. This kind of targeted information creates new avenues for finding leads, preparing personalized outreach, and aligning sales efforts to the needs and scale of the prospective market. A wealth of opportunities awaits – with meticulous analysis and strategy, sales teams can make the most of this valuable resource.

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