Companies using Dokan

Dokan is a multi-vendor e-commerce platform that allows users to create online marketplaces where multiple vendors can sell their products. It is built on top of WordPress and WooCommerce, providing a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to create an online marketplace. Dokan provides several features such as vendor management, product management, order management, and commission management. Vendors can easily register and manage their store within the marketplace, while administrators have full control over the entire platform. Additionally, Dokan offers various integrations, themes, and extensions that enhance the functionality of the platform. With Dokan, businesses can create a fully-functional, professional-looking online marketplace without requiring extensive technical expertise or coding knowledge. It simplifies the process of creating an online marketplace by providing a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools that allow you to launch your marketplace quickly and efficiently.

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2,490 companies are currently using Dokan


Digi-Me, a JSTN company

videojobs® with globally ..

26 Employees$49K - $5K$62K united states ..36%Export

you're up.

18 Employees$19K - $41K$56K united states ..52%Export
My Green Pod

leading the way with stor..

5 Employees$25K - $12K$52K united kingdom..52%Export
Palmer Square

experience palmer square,..

16 Employees$27K - $33K$97K united states ..99%Export

direct access to vetted w..

56 Employees$4K - $10K$60K canada85%Export
Funkey - De teambuilding ..

inspiratie en tijdswinst ..

26 Employees$21K - $1K$84K belgium25%Export

one-stop marketplace for ..

75 Employees$22K - $2K$58K india38%Export
logo (Nuplanet Vent..

one stop solution for you..

32 Employees$8K - $41K$55K india52%Export
Epoch Lacrosse

live. play. be

13 Employees$38K - $47K$92K united states ..86%Export

global b2b pharmaceutical..

14 Employees$10K - $37K$87K singapore35%Export
Eonsmoke, LLC

12 Employees$12K - $9K$63K united states ..76%Export
Essvee Consultant

unlock the power of conne..

39 Employees$36K - $34K$85K india

connecting healthcare pro..

3 Employees$3K - $33K$84K united states ..37%Export

happy designs

6 Employees$47K - $36K$81K türkiye41%Export

recovo is a resale platfo..

17 Employees$28K - $44K$97K spain12%Export

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Using Dokan for finding leads

Access to a comprehensive list of companies utilizing Dokan can present invaluable opportunities for sales teams in their lead generation efforts. Dokan, a multi-vendor marketplace solution based on WordPress and WooCommerce, is favored by numerous businesses worldwide. The list contains companies that not only have a need for eCommerce solutions, but are forward-thinking enough to use modern resources like Dokan to enhance their businesses.

What gives this list immense value is the rich array of prospective leads it offers. It includes companies that already recognize the significance of a robust online marketplace and appreciate technology as a tool to scale their operations. Consequently, it becomes an ideal source of highly qualified leads for businesses offering complementary B2B services, such as payment gateways, logistics solution providers, digital marketing services, or even freelance web designers and developers who specialize in WordPress and WooCommerce.

Sales teams can utilize this list to not only identify potential leads but also understand their likely needs and pain points better. For instance, companies on the list might be looking for plugins that integrate well with Dokan or services that help them leverage their Dokan-based marketplace more effectively. By having clear insights into these companies' eCommerce setup, sales teams can tailor their outreach approach or even their product features to better cater to the needs of these potential clients, thus improving the likelihood of conversion.

Additionally, knowing what industries these companies belong to can provide indirect insights into future market trends. Sales teams can craft their strategies to be in line with the sectors that are readily adopting sophisticated solutions like Dokan, giving them a competitive advantage. The detailed understanding of the market gained from this list can inform product development, marketing strategies, and sales tactics, leading in enhanced overall company performance.

Therefore, the list of companies actively using Dokan can act as a crucial resource for any sales team hunting for high-value leads, helping them streamline their prospecting process and boost their lead conversion opportunities.

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