Companies using Day.js

Day.js is a lightweight JavaScript library for parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting dates. It is a modern alternative to Moment.js with a similar API but a smaller file size. It supports both browser and Node.js environments and provides a variety of plugins that allow users to extend its functionality. Day.js features immutable operations, which means that any manipulation of a date object will not affect the original date itself. This feature helps prevent bugs and makes code easier to reason about. Day.js also boasts internationalization (i18n) support, allowing developers to easily format dates based on the user's locale. Additionally, it provides various built-in formatting options and methods for calculating time durations. Overall, Day.js is a versatile and convenient tool for handling all kinds of date-related tasks in web development.

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14,414 companies are currently using Day.js



the next generation serve..

29 Employees$28K - $42K$96K united kingdom..39%Export

goodtime helps ta teams h..

69 Employees$37K - $22K$55K united states ..80%Export

discover something new.

107 Employees$17K - $37K$54K united states ..1%Export
Revolution Cannabis

life. liberty. cannabis.

191 Employees$24K - $32K$90K united states ..79%Export
Tipsy Elves

we make the world's most ..

49 Employees$26K - $28K$99K united states ..73%Export

nomoo ist super nicecream..

19 Employees$13K - $19K$74K germany96%Export
Total Gym

the relentless pursuit of..

122 Employees$11K - $14K$74K united states ..42%Export
Billionaire Boys Club & I..

63 Employees$43K - $33K$89K united states ..71%Export
Kryptek Outdoor Group

from battlefield to backc..

16 Employees$49K - $42K$81K united states ..66%Export
3d Signals

fast forward to industry ..

32 Employees$20K - $47K$59K israel25%Export
ABP Technologies

delivering innovative eng..

90 Employees$27K - $34K$83K united kingdom..6%Export
ElderCounsel, LLC

we are happy to announce ..

35 Employees$32K - $13K$98K united states ..66%Export

we help people and organi..

128 Employees$48K - $11K$80K united states ..49%Export
Codebuddy Pvt. Ltd.

innovative software devel..

42 Employees$25K - $20K$86K india24%Export
Expert Institute

we give attorneys access ..

315 Employees$37K - $18K$80K united states ..33%Export

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Using Day.js for finding leads

Companies that utilize Day.js provide an excellent prospect for businesses offering services or complementary products like additional programming libraries, plugins, or services that improve JavaScript development. As Day.js is a minimalist JavaScript library for modern date and time management, a list of such businesses reflects an embrace of efficient and lightweight programming practices.

This list is more than simply names: it's an opportunity. For sales teams, it's fundamentally a roadmap to engage with potential leads that demonstrate an awareness of modern tools and methodologies, suggesting an open approach towards new, compatible technology-related offerings.

Being able to identify companies on this list offers multiple advantages:

  1. Understanding the Market: The list provides an initial understanding of business landscape—how many and which organizations are inclined to use modern and lightweight technologies such as Day.js. It helps in identifying industry trends and spotting companies keeping pace with them.

  2. Precision Sales Campaigns: The information aids in crafting a tailored sales campaign. After knowing that a company already uses Day.js, sales teams can craft messages highlighting how their offering complements or enhances the use of Day.js, resulting in more effective and compelling propositions.

  3. Identification of Warm Leads: If a company is using Day.js, it lowers the barrier of introducing new, complementary technologies. These companies are more likely to consider a sales offer, making them warm leads for sales teams.

  4. Competition Analysis: The list provides a way to understand who the possible competitors are and who they are selling to. This could help in unearthing unique strategies to differentiate and position the company's offerings.

In essence, a list of companies using Day.js is a valuable resource in understanding market dynamics, executing effective sales strategies, finding warm leads and staying competitive. It's a stepping stone towards targeted and efficient lead generation.

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