Confiant is a cybersecurity company that focuses on providing ad security and quality assurance services to digital publishers, programmatic platforms, and advertisers. Its aim is to help prevent malicious or fraudulent ads from being displayed, which can harm the user's device or personal data, while ensuring that ad placements are optimised for performance. Confiant uses advanced technology to detect and block malicious ads in real-time, protecting the publisher's reputation and revenue streams. They also provide a suite of tools to help ad operations teams monitor for any potential threats and improve overall ad quality. By working closely with trusted partners and industry organisations, Confiant aims to create a safer and more transparent digital advertising ecosystem for all stakeholders.

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764 Companies using Confiant


the future of social medi..

78$12K - $30K$104K united states ..100%
Funny Or Die

201$43K - $1K$51K united states ..24%
Nurse Fern

helping bedside nurses fi..

136$33K - $45K$70K united states ..41%

make music count for ever..

42$20K - $48K$84K united kingdom..77%

investigating 4 you

116$15K - $3K$69K united states ..62%
Apartment Therapy Media

we help people make their..

272$47K - $29K$82K united states ..91%
Fabrik Brands

12$5K - $26K$51K united kingdom..54%
Gardening Know How

Are you passionate about ..

28$27K - $40K$77K united states ..72%
Il Mitte

quotidiano per italofoni ..

8$44K - $21K$92K germany17%
Athletech News

we keep pace with the int..

5$29K - $41K$90K united states ..2%
The Times Leader

the times leader is north..

149$43K - $39K$82K united states ..38%
Introvert, Dear

we empower introverts and..

16$9K - $7K$1M united states ..33%
Urban Dictionary

the definitive dictionary..

13$41K - $12K$62K united states ..39%

el diario líder, nativo d..

19$47K - $21K$66K spain86%
New York Daily News

ny's hometown paper 🍎 br..

508$50K - $17K$67K united states ..43%

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How to use Confiant

Confiant is an ad security and ad quality assurance tool for digital publishers, programmatic platforms, and advertisers. The following are the steps to use Confiant:

  1. Sign up for a Confiant account on their website and log in.
  2. Integrate Confiant with your ad tech stack by following the instructions provided in their documentation.
  3. Use Confiant's ad quality and security tools to monitor your ad campaigns and detect any malicious activity or ad quality issues in real-time.
  4. Take action on any detected issues using Confiant's solutions and recommendations.

Confiant offers various features such as pre-bid targeting, post-bid blocking, reporting, and analytics to help you maintain a secure and high-quality ad environment. By using Confiant, you can proactively protect your ad inventory and ensure that your ads are delivered to users in a safe and trustworthy manner.

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