54 Companies using Commerce Server

Bare Necessities

we fit the curves of your..

143$24K - $47K$2M united states ..6%
Yamaha Motor Australia Pt..

Through a passion for inn..

142$20K - $35K$250K australia98%

notre mission est de rend..

55$19K - $42K$407K france73%
Yamaha Motor New Zealand ..

through a passion for inn..

31$17K - $23K$95K new zealand92%
Henry Schein Dental Neder..

solutions for healthcare ..

89$11K - $20K$33K netherlands15%

Canada's Most Trusted Sou..

49$28K - $35K$60K canada89%
Life's Abundance, Inc

Empowering people and pet..

69$42K - $8K$127K united states ..93%
Memory Express Computers

computer parts, laptop co..

155$45K - $23K$919K canada79%
Henry Schein Schmidt Espa..

Henry Schein es una empre..

111$6K - $21K$65K spain93%
Henry Schein Medical NL

leverancier van medische ..

23$15K - $38K$33K netherlands52%
Henry Schein Canada Inc.

“At Henry Schein Canada, ..

327$11K - $25K$83K canada12%
Deublin Company

Global manufacturer of ro..

228$34K - $8K$33K united states ..86%
Lee Valley Tools

at lee valley, we underst..

403$13K - $36K$2M canada16%

when sponsorship decision..

313$1K - $33K$51K united states ..45%
embroidery library, inc

the 100% employee owned l..

15$35K - $6K$489K united states ..33%

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How to use Commerce Server

Commerce Server is an e-commerce platform that allows businesses to build and manage online stores. Here are the steps to use Commerce Server:

  1. Install Commerce Server: You can download Commerce Server from the Microsoft website, and install it on your server.

  2. Configure Commerce Server: Once installed, configure Commerce Server by setting up the databases, web applications, and other components required for your online store.

  3. Design your site: Use Visual Studio or a preferred development tool to design your website. You can create templates, pages, and themes, and add features such as product listings, shopping cart functionality, and payment processing.

  4. Create products: Use the Catalog Manager in Commerce Server to create and manage your products. You can set attributes such as pricing, descriptions, images, and inventory levels.

  5. Manage orders: Track your customer orders in Commerce Server by reviewing order histories, shipment tracking information, and managing returns or refunds.

  6. Integrate with other systems: Commerce Server can integrate with third-party systems, such as CRM software, accounting software, and shipping carriers. This allows you to automate processes and streamline your business operations.

  7. Test and launch: Test your website thoroughly to ensure it works properly and meets your requirements. Once you're satisfied, launch your site and start selling your products.

In summary, Commerce Server is a powerful e-commerce platform that allows you to build and manage online stores. By following these steps, you can design a custom website, create products, manage orders, and integrate with other systems to streamline your business operations.

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