73 Companies using CloudSuite

Prins Petfoods

wij zijn prins. meer dan ..

50$20K - $44K$30K netherlands62%
Charlie Temple

iedere dag een andere bri..

24$37K - $9K$53K netherlands85%
Elesa+Ganter B.V.

twee bedrijven. eén werel..

19$15K - $40K$0 netherlands19%
International Plywood

het voordeel van de juist..

35$12K - $36K$100K netherlands39%
Van Gelder groente & frui..

dagverse groente & fruit,..

94$37K - $10K$66K netherlands83%

future proof ecommerce pl..

53$4K - $6K$3K netherlands97%

toegevoegde waarde in ver..

86$5K - $9K$5K netherlands72%
Kersten BV

as a wholesaler, we love ..

35$21K - $6K$65K netherlands53%
Zalmhuis Steur BV

100% natuurlijk!

2$31K - $47K$0 netherlands75%

de groothandel die met je..

45$18K - $16K$14K netherlands54%
Markant health & producti..

we create the ideal offic..

86$27K - $25K$18K netherlands94%

bakery & food solutions

73$11K - $48K$100K netherlands73%
hijdra.com - kantoorinric..

ideale werkomgeving | wer..

8$2K - $34K$5K netherlands100%
VSA Belgium

The difference is quality..

5$46K - $15K$78K belgium14%
Jan van As trading compan..

38$42K - $10K$44K netherlands29%

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How to use CloudSuite

CloudSuite is a suite of cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions that enables organizations to manage their business operations in a decentralized manner. The following are the steps to use CloudSuite:

  1. Choose a CloudSuite Solution: CloudSuite offers specific solutions for different industries such as manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, and more. Select the solution that fits your organization's needs.

  2. Sign up for CloudSuite: Once you have chosen the solution, sign up for an account on Infor's website to access the CloudSuite software.

  3. Customize the Software: After signing up, customize the software by configuring user permissions, setting up workflows, and creating dashboards that provide real-time insights into your business operations.

  4. Import Data: To use CloudSuite effectively, import your existing data such as customer information, product catalogs, and financial records. This helps you get started with CloudSuite faster.

  5. Train the Users: It is important to train all users who will be using the CloudSuite software to ensure that they understand how to use it effectively. Infor provides training materials and resources that can help users learn how to use CloudSuite.

  6. Start Using CloudSuite: Once you have configured the software and trained the users, start using CloudSuite to manage your business operations. The software provides features such as financial management, supply chain management, human capital management, and more, to help you streamline your business processes and improve efficiency.

  7. Maintain and Upgrade: Finally, it is important to maintain and upgrade the CloudSuite software to keep it up-to-date with the latest features and security updates. Infor provides regular updates and support to ensure that the software remains reliable and efficient.

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