Companies using ClientJS

ClientJS is a JavaScript library that provides developers with an easy way to generate browser fingerprints by exposing all the browser data-points. A browser fingerprint is a unique identifier that can be used to track and identify users across different websites and online platforms.

ClientJS collects various pieces of information about the user's browser, including the user agent, screen size, color depth, timezone, installed plugins, and many other data-points. All of this information is combined into a hash value that serves as the browser's fingerprint.

The use of browser fingerprints has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to track users without relying on cookies. Cookies can be deleted or blocked by users, whereas browser fingerprints are much harder to alter or fake. This technology is often used for marketing purposes, but it can also be used for security and fraud detection.

One of the advantages of using ClientJS is its simplicity. Developers can easily integrate the library into their projects and start generating browser fingerprints right away. The library is also lightweight and fast, so it doesn't add significant overhead to the application.

However, it's worth noting that some users may be uncomfortable with the use of browser fingerprints for tracking purposes. As such, it's important for developers to provide clear information to users about what data is being collected and how it will be used.

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1,509 companies are currently using ClientJS


Kapitalwise Inc.

unified client acquisitio..

15 Employees$10K - $11K$70K united states ..75%Export
Bettinardi Golf

discover our all-new 2023..

39 Employees$12K - $49K$70K united states ..91%Export
Humble Bundle

103 Employees$8K - $25K$90K united states ..83%Export
Earth Rhythm

nature approved

79 Employees$22K - $23K$73K india43%Export
Milor Group

Innovative Italian Jewell..

81 Employees$28K - $19K$63K italy12%Export
Omni Dallas Hotel

creating travel envy sinc..

167 Employees$14K - $12K$55K united states ..4%Export

making well-being easy fo..

46 Employees$49K - $34K$51K india3%Export

changing your world since..

1,204 Employees$43K - $36K$71K india95%Export

see it first, wear it fir..

49 Employees$47K - $21K$89K united kingdom..86%Export
HYLA Mobile, an Assurant ..

143 Employees$22K - $33K$58K united states ..18%Export
Credit Union of Georgia

better banking. better be..

83 Employees$9K - $39K$61K united states ..21%Export

power a new world

333 Employees$8K - $11K$52K united states ..99%Export
Hoosier Hills Credit Unio..

hhcu is a not-for-profit ..

124 Employees$42K - $5K$53K united states ..98%Export
United Texas Credit Union..

friendly, done right.

49 Employees$45K - $7K$71K united states ..3%Export
Los Angeles Police Federa..

law enforcement’s premier..

137 Employees$24K - $2K$96K united states ..65%Export

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Using ClientJS for finding leads

The list of companies using ClientJS is a valuable resource because it gives clear direction on prospective businesses that prioritize advanced web analytics and security. These companies leverage browser fingerprinting techniques provided by ClientJS to enhance their data collection and security measures. By targeting these companies, sales teams can tailor their pitches to highlight how their product or service complements and enhances the company's existing technology stack.

On the surface, these companies illustrate a keen interest in robust user data collection, implying a focus on consumer analytics, user experience, and targeted marketing. As a result, sales teams selling data analysis and marketing tools can find potential leads within this list.

Furthermore, browser fingerprinting is a technique often used to enhance web security. This interest in security could indicate that these companies might be receptive to solutions related to cyber-security, safe data storage, or secure authentication systems.

Moreover, the list is tangible proof of these companies' investment in modern JavaScript-based technologies. Therefore, any organization with solutions built around or compatible with JavaScript can find this list an efficient starting ground.

Overall, the roster of companies using ClientJS provides a pre-qualified list of leads for sales teams selling analytics, security, or JavaScript-based solutions. It allows them to specialize, optimize their prospecting efforts and tailor their sales strategies.

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