Companies using Clicky

Clicky is a web analytics tool that provides real-time analysis and spy view. It helps you to track your website traffic and monitor user behavior in real-time. Clicky allows you to see how many visitors are on your site, what they are doing, where they are coming from, and more. Spy view feature in clicky enables you to see live visitor activity on your website, including mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes. With Clicky, you can analyze your website's performance, measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and make data-driven decisions. Additionally, Clicky offers a variety of features such as heatmaps, uptime monitoring, goal tracking, and more. Overall, Clicky is a powerful tool that helps you to understand your website audience better and optimize your website accordingly.

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19,756 companies are currently using Clicky



world-class branding. cl..

31 Employees$21K - $39K$87K united states ..55%Export
APEX Biologix

the complete resource for..

38 Employees$6K - $27K$62K united states ..8%Export
Eventmasters Corporate Ho..

leading corporate hospita..

31 Employees$15K - $39K$52K united kingdom..57%Export

interactive elearning | c..

28 Employees$31K - $49K$97K united states ..3%Export
Bob Moore Construction

shift your perspective. r..

60 Employees$2K - $44K$76K united states ..7%Export

reduce costs with expense..

92 Employees$32K - $17K$50K united states ..84%Export
Terra Dotta, LLC

enterprise solutions for ..

89 Employees$3K - $30K$57K united states ..74%Export

we connect the things.

38 Employees$7K - $22K$76K united states ..85%Export
Twelve South

designing beautiful apple..

24 Employees$34K - $22K$61K united states ..82%Export
Sales Force Europe

the fastest way to scale ..

65 Employees$25K - $14K$53K united kingdom..50%Export

built on research, driven..

84 Employees$43K - $12K$77K united kingdom..94%Export
NRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc...

we bring hope to life

19 Employees$7K - $21K$67K united states ..12%Export
AMZ Pathfinder

we help great brands scal..

20 Employees$3K - $24K$55K france12%Export

machine learning and clin..

24 Employees$20K - $10K$96K united kingdom..94%Export
Enventys Partners

we bring products to life..

48 Employees$1K - $39K$87K united states ..95%Export

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Using Clicky for finding leads

This comprehensive list hosts companies that implement Clicky, a superior web analytics tool. Its intrinsic value goes beyond just showcasing who uses Clicky; it serves as a strategic resource for sales teams in myriad ways.

Firstly, it offers direct insights on the market, presenting a clear picture of businesses that value real-time web analytics. Sales teams targeting companies that place primacy on data-driven decision-making can utilize this list to identify potential leads.

Equally important, teams seeking to offer complementary services or products can identify companies that already value the benefits provided by Clicky for a more targeted and efficient outreach.

Additionally, understanding the size and industry of companies that use Clicky can help calibrate sales commitment and envisage the potential response from similar organizations. By analyzing the characteristics of the companies on this list, predictive modeling for potential lead success is achievable.

The strength of connections between companies using the same technology can't be undervalued. Companies on this list could be more receptive to warm introductions from fellow Clicky users, fostering a community that could yield mutually beneficial partnerships.

Furthermore, if selling a product or service meant to integrate with or improve upon Clicky's offerings, this list is a gold mine. Ensuring compatibility with Clicky would be a huge selling point for these companies.

In summary, this list serves as a detailed guide for sales teams to not only find companies using Clicky but also to understand their needs and how the team's offerings could align. It facilitates a more personalized and effective approach in lead identification and conversion.

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