ClearSale is a company that specializes in providing fraud management and chargeback protection services. They help businesses to prevent fraudulent transactions and minimize the risk of chargebacks by using advanced technology and fraud detection techniques. ClearSale offers solutions for various industries, such as e-commerce, travel, finance, and gaming. Their services include real-time monitoring, data analysis, and manual review of suspicious transactions. ClearSale's goal is to provide accurate and reliable fraud prevention services while minimizing false positives and ensuring a smooth buying experience for customers. With their expertise and experience, ClearSale helps businesses to reduce financial losses, build trust with their customers, and improve their overall profitability.

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430 Companies using ClearSale

Blade HQ

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eSpecial Needs

Your Source for the Best ..

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1,848$49K - $4K$19M canada99%
Sorte Online

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88$42K - $17K$3M brazil51%
Radcliffe Jewelers

Luxury jewelry & fine wat..

43$35K - $10K$38K united states ..40%
Grupo Elevato

Sua casa, nossa causa.

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21$2K - $7K$87K canada86%

Locação de equipamentos d..

231$13K - $44K$93K brazil64%
Giuliana Flores

Acessou, comprou, chegou,..

96$32K - $37K$773K brazil24%

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How to use ClearSale

ClearSale is a fraud management and chargeback protection service that can be used to secure your online transactions from fraudulent activities. It is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes to help protect against eCommerce fraud, reduce false declines, and increase revenue. ClearSale uses machine learning algorithms and human intelligence to analyze customer data and detect fraudulent behavior patterns in real-time.

To get started with ClearSale, you can sign up for an account on their website and choose the plan that suits your business needs. Once you have signed up, you can integrate ClearSale with your existing eCommerce platform by using one of their plugins, APIs or SDKs. ClearSale provides integration options for popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and more.

After integration, ClearSale will analyze every transaction made on your website, including purchases, refunds, and chargebacks. ClearSale's team of fraud prevention specialists will manually review suspicious orders flagged by their system before approving them, ensuring that legitimate orders are not declined.

In addition to fraud management, ClearSale also offers chargeback protection services, which protects merchants against chargeback losses resulting from fraudulent transactions. Their chargeback protection service covers the full cost of the fraudulent transaction, including the product cost, shipping costs, and chargeback fees.

ClearSale's dashboard provides insights into all transactions processed through their system. You can use these insights to monitor your transaction performance, identify patterns of fraudulent behavior, and track the effectiveness of your anti-fraud strategies.

In conclusion, ClearSale is a powerful anti-fraud tool that can help businesses of all sizes to protect themselves from eCommerce fraud and chargeback losses. By using ClearSale, you can improve your online security, reduce false declines, and focus on growing your business without worrying about fraud.

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