Companies using Cart.js

Cart.js is a small open-source Javascript library that simplifies the process of adding Ajax cart functionality to Shopify themes. With Cart.js, you can easily add shopping cart features such as product quantity updates, item removal, and even checkout redirection without needing to write complex code. The library uses jQuery and works with Shopify's AJAX API to update the cart's content dynamically without requiring a page refresh. Additionally, Cart.js provides a customizable user interface that allows developers to enhance the design and layout of their online store's shopping cart. Given its ease of use and flexibility, Cart.js is an excellent choice for developers who want to quickly add shopping cart functionality to their Shopify themes without reinventing the wheel.

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839 companies are currently using Cart.js


The Citizenry

the citizenry is a social..

55 Employees$3K - $35K$85K united states ..42%Export

twothirds of the world ar..

44 Employees$37K - $22K$63K spain89%Export
DASH Water

water. bubbles. wonky* fr..

39 Employees$11K - $22K$65K united kingdom..35%Export

help people find their un..

18 Employees$10K - $32K$78K united states ..56%Export
Artisan Tropic

trade up your chip!

12 Employees$29K - $23K$55K united states ..76%Export
Miyoko's Creamery

the world's finest plant ..

74 Employees$32K - $11K$68K united states ..48%Export

nutritionally complete fo..

603 Employees$42K - $9K$75K united kingdom..85%Export

changing the conversation..

21 Employees$18K - $40K$92K united states ..6%Export
Industry of All Nations

it's not what we do but h..

24 Employees$12K - $45K$71K united states ..91%Export
Rhinox Group

the uk's fastest growing ..

27 Employees$6K - $4K$66K united kingdom..49%Export
CellCore Biosciences

creating solutions that w..

57 Employees$39K - $24K$60K united states ..57%Export

kinn. modern heirlooms, m..

17 Employees$38K - $1K$96K united states ..74%Export

make the air yours | beau..

18 Employees$35K - $25K$70K canada33%Export
biocol labs

welcome to the post-chemi..

38 Employees$10K - $43K$57K portugal64%Export
Jason Wu

merging classic american ..

88 Employees$11K - $44K$60K united states ..41%Export

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Using Cart.js for finding leads

This list provides a valuable resource for sales teams aiming to find potential leads among businesses using Cart.js. All companies included in this compilation actively employ Cart.js technology within their respective operations, which presents several advantageous opportunities for lead generation.

A significant benefit of this list lies in the amplification of targeting precision. Sales teams can efficiently zero in on businesses that are actively utilizing Cart.js and which would potentially be interested in complementary products and services. For instance, businesses selling themes compatible with Cart.js, or offering consultancy services for Shopify store optimization could find a wealth of potential clients in this list.

Additionally, the list's value extends to the facilitation of competitive analysis. For businesses offering similar technology or those seeking to enter the Cart.js ecosystem, this list can function as a roadmap to competitive landscape understanding—identifying current trends, gauging market saturation, and uncovering potential gaps can be made significantly easier.

On the prospecting front, identifying common pain points among businesses on the list could shape a sales strategy that directly addresses these issues. This approach can dramatically increase engagement rates, conversion rates, and foster long-term customer relationships.

In conclusion, this list of businesses that use Cart.js can provide invaluable insights to sales teams. Whether for targeting precision, competitive analysis, or prospect pain point identification, the information gathered from this list can sharpen sales strategies, facilitate lead generation and ultimately, bolster revenue growth.

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