Cart.js is a small open-source Javascript library that simplifies the process of adding Ajax cart functionality to Shopify themes. With Cart.js, you can easily add shopping cart features such as product quantity updates, item removal, and even checkout redirection without needing to write complex code. The library uses jQuery and works with Shopify's AJAX API to update the cart's content dynamically without requiring a page refresh. Additionally, Cart.js provides a customizable user interface that allows developers to enhance the design and layout of their online store's shopping cart. Given its ease of use and flexibility, Cart.js is an excellent choice for developers who want to quickly add shopping cart functionality to their Shopify themes without reinventing the wheel.

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505 Companies using Cart.js

DASH Water

water. bubbles. wonky* fr..

39$5K - $36K$52K united kingdom..86%
Joolies Dates

always fresh never dried ..

19$5K - $28K$84K united states ..91%
The Citizenry

the citizenry is a social..

55$44K - $22K$259K united states ..83%

31$47K - $25K$28K united states ..87%
Mobius Motors

56$18K - $6K$15K kenya93%
Miyoko's Creamery

the world's finest plant ..

74$15K - $30K$52K united states ..61%

changing the conversation..

21$43K - $46K$83K united states ..72%
Microbe Formulas

creating solutions that w..

29$32K - $1K$55K united states ..85%
Seek Discomfort

a community of dreamers w..

6$46K - $17K$66K united states ..98%
O My Bag Amsterdam

bags that make you happy...

39$32K - $35K$65K netherlands36%
Brami Inc.

buon appetito!

9$9K - $5K$18K united states ..83%

your liver will fail befo..

25$45K - $46K$52K united states ..74%

le premier saké 100% fran..

22$21K - $49K$64K france100%

simpelweg planten. maar d..

14$2K - $1K$110K netherlands92%
Rhinox Group

the uk's fastest growing ..

27$4K - $26K$22K united kingdom..79%

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How to use Cart.js

Cart.js is a Javascript library that provides a simple way to add an Ajax cart functionality to your Shopify theme. Here are the steps to use Cart.js:

  1. First, download the Cart.js library and include it in your Shopify theme.

  2. After including Cart.js in your theme, you can start using its API to add cart functionality to your website. The API has several methods for adding items to the cart, updating the cart, and removing items from the cart.

  3. To add an item to the cart, you can use the

    method, which takes an object containing the product ID, variant ID, quantity, and any other relevant information. Here is a basic example:

    CartJS.addItem(productId, quantity, { image: imageURL, name: productName, price: productPrice });
  4. You can also update the cart using the

    method, which takes the line item ID and the updated quantity. Here's an example:

    CartJS.updateItem(lineItemId, newQuantity);
  5. If you want to remove an item from the cart, you can use the

    method, which takes the line item ID. Here's an example:

  6. Finally, you can use the

    method to retrieve the current state of the cart. This method returns an object containing the total number of items in the cart, the total price, and an array of line items. Here's an example:

    var cart = CartJS.getCart(); console.log(cart.item_count); console.log(cart.total_price); console.log(cart.items);

By following these steps, you can easily add a powerful Ajax cart functionality to your Shopify theme using Cart.js.

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