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Praxis Technologies

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APS systems AG

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Broner Metals Solutions

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How to use Bugzilla

Bugzilla is an open-source bug tracking and issue management system that allows users to report and track software bugs and issues. Its powerful capabilities include advanced search options, customizable workflows, and automated notifications.

To use Bugzilla effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Create an Account: You need to create an account on the Bugzilla platform to be able to report a bug or issue.

  2. Report a Bug: Once you’ve created your account, you can report a bug by clicking the “New” button in the navigation bar. A new form will appear where you can provide details about the issue, such as the product, version, summary, and description.

  3. Assign a Priority: Setting a priority for each reported bug is important because it helps developers identify the most critical issues that need immediate attention. Priorities range from P1 (highest) to P5 (lowest).

  4. Assign to Developer: Once the priority has been assigned, the bug can be assigned to a developer who has the skills and expertise to fix it. This ensures that the right person is working on resolving the issue.

  5. Track the Bug: As the developer works on the bug, you can track its progress by checking the status of the bug. The status of the bug changes as it moves through different stages of the workflow, such as “new,” “assigned,” “resolved,” and “closed.”

  6. Test the Fix: Once the developer has resolved the bug, you can test the fix to ensure that the issue has been fully resolved.

  7. Close the Bug: If the fix works as expected, you can close the bug by marking it as “closed.” If not, reopen the bug and continue working with the developer until a satisfactory resolution is found.

Overall, using Bugzilla requires collaboration between the reporter, assignee, and developer until the issue is resolved. Effective communication is key to ensuring that everyone involved understands the status of the bug and what steps are being taken to fix it.

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