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Bugzilla is an open-source bug tracking system that allows developers to keep track of various issues and bugs in their software projects. It was originally created by Mozilla Corporation, but its usage has spread beyond the Firefox browser and it is now used by a variety of organizations.

With Bugzilla, users can create detailed reports and descriptions of bugs they encounter in the software. These reports can include information such as steps to reproduce, severity, priority, and assigned developer. Once a report is submitted, it can be assigned to a developer who can then work on resolving the issue.

Bugzilla also includes features for managing multiple projects and releases, as well as tools for searching and filtering through bugs based on various criteria. It also supports customization through extensions and plugins.

In addition, Bugzilla is designed to be highly scalable and can handle large amounts of data and users. It is primarily web-based and can be accessed through a standard web browser.

Overall, Bugzilla is a powerful tool for software development teams to manage the bug tracking process and ensure that issues are resolved efficiently and effectively.

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7 companies are currently using Bugzilla


APS systems AG

ihr partner für fernalarm..

2 Employees$5K - $20K$92K switzerland20%Export

our decades long experien..

1 Employees$25K - $29K$95K germany11%Export
Praxis Technologies

104 Employees$7K - $20K$78K india99%Export

2 Employees$37K - $9K$91K -90%
Broner Metals Solutions

20 Employees$3K - $25K$74K united kingdom..47%Export

- Employees$2K - $17K$61K united states ..83%Export

Software Solutions availa..

- Employees$35K - $35K$78K italy87%Export

Using Bugzilla for finding leads

With no shortage of technology companies in dire need of efficient bug tracking solutions, a comprehensive list of Bugzilla users provides an exceptionally valuable resource. This list contains potential leads that span across various industries, granting a wholesome view of the market that relies on Bugzilla for their bug tracking needs.

For sales teams, gleaning insights from this list is not merely about identifying prospects, it's also about understanding industry trends and patterns. A company's utilization of Bugzilla is a strong statement about its need for effective issue tracking, potentially signaling other associated needs, like security, hosting, or software development services.

Moreover, a list of Bugzilla-using companies can prove beneficial in refining customer persona profiles. With this data, sales teams can identify common characteristics and preferences of these companies, thereby sharpening their targeting strategies.

This list can also help facilitate the sales process itself. Identified leads can be segmented based on parameters such as company size, sector, or other criteria. Segmentation allows for tailored outreach strategies that can significantly improve conversion rates.

Finally, by examining the list, sales teams can develop more personalized sales pitches, demonstrating an understanding of the target leads' business environment and the challenges they face in bug tracking.

In essence, this list of Bugzilla-using companies serves as a powerful tool for sales teams seeking to deepen their understanding of the market, clarify their targeting strategies, and optimize their sales pitches for higher conversion rates.

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