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Boomerang is a JavaScript library used for Real User Measurement (RUM) that measures the page load time experienced by actual users. It is designed to report performance metrics back to its parent site, allowing developers to optimize their website's performance based on user experience. Boomerang gathers data such as page load times, network latency, and other important metrics that impact user experience.

The library is lightweight and easy to install, making it ideal for developers who want to measure user experience without causing excessive overhead or impacting page loading times. It can be easily integrated into existing web applications and configured to capture specific data points. Its flexibility also allows for customization to capture specific data relevant to individual projects.

In summary, Boomerang is a valuable tool for developers who want to gain insight into how their website performs in real-world scenarios, enabling them to optimize their users' experience and improve overall site performance.

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283,093 companies are currently using Boomerang


Flip Flop Shops

we are the premiere beach..

159 Employees$34K - $26K$51K united states ..98%Export
Nécessaire, Inc.

personal care, reimagined..

32 Employees$40K - $25K$68K united states ..13%Export
The Flex Co.

the leader in innovation ..

41 Employees$26K - $22K$77K united states ..77%Export
Halfday Iced Tea

a new generation of iced ..

29 Employees$11K - $47K$54K united states ..17%Export
Actual Veggies

bringing healthy, tasty, ..

18 Employees$23K - $17K$84K united states ..39%Export
Proud Source Water

water done different.

38 Employees$40K - $2K$93K united states ..28%Export
Embr Labs

developing technology to ..

27 Employees$44K - $19K$96K united states ..92%Export
Foundry Brands

we are founders and opera..

59 Employees$14K - $18K$87K united states ..18%Export
Real Good Foods

real food you feel good a..

69 Employees$50K - $43K$86K united states ..79%Export
Oats Overnight

life is hard, make breakf..

78 Employees$38K - $43K$95K united states ..47%Export
NEMO Equipment

adventure anywhere. adven..

55 Employees$30K - $31K$56K united states ..25%Export

organic yerba mate. 50% n..

41 Employees$44K - $9K$69K united states ..96%Export

it's more than panties, i..

81 Employees$2K - $39K$73K united states ..65%Export

for however you coffee. #..

40 Employees$7K - $27K$73K united states ..22%Export
Sky Organics

simple self-care made wit..

18 Employees$47K - $33K$66K united states ..97%Export

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Using Boomerang for finding leads

This meticulously curated list of companies using Boomerang represents a valuable resource for sales teams. Boomerang is an advanced JavaScript library implemented by many organizations for Real User Measurement (RUM), focusing on tracking actual page load times that their users experience. This list provides a comprehensive overview of these organizations that value user experience and performance monitoring.

It's a versatile tool for discovering potential leads ready for your products or services. The listed companies demonstrate a commitment to using cutting-edge technologies to enhance their users' experience and will likely show interest in further enhancing their operational capabilities.

By carefully examining the profiles of companies in this directory, sales teams can gain valuable insights and tailor their approach. It implies that these companies place a high emphasis on user experience and could be open to similar tools or services that enhance it further.

Furthermore, the companies on this list are potential collaborators for businesses offering complementary technologies and services. They show an inclination towards optimizing their online performance through sophisticated measurements. Therefore, they could be inclined to consider additional tools or services that promise even more efficiency, better user experience, or detailed analytics.

To get the most out of this list, sales teams should study the itemized companies, make detailed profiles mentioning their known tech-stack and business needs, then customize their sales pitch to address those needs. Knowledge is paramount, and being prepared with insights about a potential lead’s existing technology use demonstrates dedication and industry expertise.

In essence, this list serves as a starting point to quickly discover and engage with potential leads who value modern web technologies and are likely to be interested in improving their online performance. Therefore, for sales teams, the provided list is a powerful tool for lead generation and prospecting that can give them a competitive edge in today's aggressive market.

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