Companies using Blesta

Blesta is a billing and client management software designed for web hosting and other online service providers. It allows businesses to automate and streamline the process of invoicing, payment collection, and customer management.

Blesta provides many features, including automatic invoicing, payment processing, and support ticketing. It also includes a robust API that can be used to integrate with other systems and services. Additionally, Blesta has a variety of modules and plugins available that extend its functionality even further.

One of the key benefits of Blesta is its ability to handle multiple currencies and payment gateways. This makes it easy for businesses to accept payments from customers around the world, using their preferred currency and payment method. Blesta also supports automated recurring billing, which simplifies the process of collecting payments on a regular basis.

Another important feature of Blesta is its support for multiple languages. This makes it easy for businesses to provide a localized experience for their customers, regardless of where they are located in the world. Additionally, Blesta has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and use.

Overall, Blesta is a powerful and flexible billing and client management solution that is ideal for web hosts and other online service providers. With its extensive feature set and user-friendly interface, it can help businesses save time, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction.

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10 companies are currently using Blesta


Prevo Network, LLC

1 Employees$44K - $45K$57K united states ..48%Export

tmmg online stores is an ..

1 Employees$47K - $29K$94K south africa53%Export
Wholesale Servers

wholesale servers llc is ..

1 Employees$31K - $30K$80K united states ..91%Export

1 Employees$26K - $34K$58K -11%Export

2 Employees$47K - $25K$90K belgium41%Export
IST-ONLINE Marketing Kft...

- Employees$24K - $6K$91K hungary40%Export
Skyline Hosting Solutions..

- Employees$17K - $41K$78K -85%Export

- Employees$30K - $7K$76K -23%Export
Skyline Hosting

- Employees$24K - $11K$91K united kingdom..16%Export

Fully automated in-built ..

- Employees$20K - $48K$93K hungary84%Export

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Using Blesta for finding leads

The list of companies using Blesta serves as a rich resource for sales teams. By utilizing this list, sales professionals can discern a clear picture of the businesses that prioritize organized billing and client management—core features of Blesta's sophisticated functionality.

This list offers a tangible method to generate new leads. With the knowledge of businesses actively using Blesta, representatives can target their offerings according to customer needs. For instance, if a business provides complementary solutions, like enhanced security systems or additional payment gateways, knowing that a company uses Blesta helps tailor the sales approach.

Moreover, the list can also serve as a tool for studying market trends and spotting businesses that value robust, customizable, and automation-friendly systems—traits that Blesta is renowned for. Recognizing these trends aids in fine-tuning products or services, ultimately making sales teams more effective in their outreach.

The list is continually updated, making it a real-time tool, a valuable feature when steering fast-paced sales initiatives. In addition, it provides an opportunity for sales teams to connect with potential clients who have already indicated an interest in structured and efficient billing management solutions, thus improving sales efficiency.

For sales teams aiming to grow their customer base among companies that appreciate a streamlined approach to client management, this expansive and updated list of Blesta users is an essential tool in their lead prospecting kit. In essence, it reframes lead prospecting from a 'shot in the dark' effort to a more precise, targeted strategy.

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