Bikayi is an ecommerce platform that integrates with WhatsApp, allowing businesses to set up and manage their online stores directly on the messaging app. It provides a convenient and user-friendly solution for businesses to sell products and services to their customers through WhatsApp. With Bikayi, businesses can create and customize their online store, add products, manage inventory, and process orders, all within the familiar interface of WhatsApp. Customers can browse through the store's catalog, select products, make purchases, and interact with the business directly through WhatsApp chat. This integration with WhatsApp enables businesses to leverage the popularity and widespread usage of the messaging app to reach and engage with their customers effectively. By providing a seamless shopping experience within WhatsApp, Bikayi simplifies the process of selling products online and enhances customer convenience. Overall, Bikayi offers a practical and efficient solution for businesses to establish and operate their ecommerce store using WhatsApp as the primary sales channel.

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How to use Bikayi

To use Bikayi, follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up: Visit the Bikayi website and sign up for an account. You can choose either the free plan or upgrade to a paid plan for additional features.

  2. Connect WhatsApp: After signing up, you need to connect your WhatsApp account to Bikayi. This enables you to manage your ecommerce store directly from WhatsApp.

  3. Set Up Your Store: Once your WhatsApp account is connected, you can start setting up your store. Customize your store's name, logo, and description to reflect your brand. You can also add your products and categorize them for easy navigation.

  4. Manage Orders: As customers place orders through WhatsApp, you will receive notifications. Use the Bikayi dashboard to manage these orders efficiently. You can track order status, update customers on delivery progress, and generate invoices.

  5. Promote Your Store: To attract more customers, promote your Bikayi store across various channels. Share your store link on social media platforms, your website, or through email marketing. Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews and recommend your store to their contacts.

  6. Engage with Customers: Use Bikayi's built-in features to engage with your customers. Respond promptly to their queries, provide personalized recommendations, and offer discounts or promotional codes. Building strong customer relationships can drive repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

  7. Track Analytics: Bikayi provides analytics tools to monitor the performance of your store. Track metrics such as sales, revenue, customer engagement, and conversion rates. Analyzing this data can help you identify trends, make informed decisions, and optimize your store for better results.

  8. Explore Additional Features: Bikayi offers various additional features to enhance your store's functionality. These may include inventory management, multi-currency support, integration with payment gateways, and more. Explore these options based on your specific needs and business requirements.

  9. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on Bikayi's updates, new features, and improvements. The platform regularly releases updates to enhance user experience, security, and performance. Make sure to stay informed about these changes and utilize them to further optimize your store.

  10. Seek Support: If you encounter any difficulties or have questions while using Bikayi, reach out to their customer support team. They will provide assistance and guide you through any issues you may face.

Remember, Bikayi is a WhatsApp-integrated ecommerce store that aims to simplify the process of selling products online. By leveraging its features and functionalities effectively, you can create a seamless shopping experience for your customers and grow your business.

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