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Big Cartel is a cloud-hosted ecommerce platform that allows users to create and operate an online store. It offers various tools for creating a customized storefront, managing orders and inventory, tracking sales, and accepting payments. Big Cartel caters primarily to independent artists, makers, and small businesses, providing them with a low-cost alternative to larger ecommerce platforms. With Big Cartel, users can choose from a range of customizable themes and templates to build their online store, and they can also integrate their store with social media accounts and other third-party applications. The platform comes with built-in SEO features to help users optimize their storefronts for search engines, and it also provides analytics tools to track traffic and sales. In addition, Big Cartel offers a mobile app that enables users to manage their stores on the go.

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1,576 companies are currently using Big Cartel


Silent Crowd LLC

5 Employees$39K - $33K$79K united states ..62%Export
Petits Carreaux de Paris

des chocolats de dégustat..

7 Employees$25K - $46K$61K france16%Export
The Drifter

dedicated on the project,..

2 Employees$9K - $21K$62K greece28%Export
Magical Go-Go, LLC.

parent llc of magical go-..

1 Employees$16K - $24K$95K united states ..40%Export
Mindtwister USA

1 Employees$26K - $33K$88K united states ..93%Export
Tripp Apparel™

merchandising | design | ..

2 Employees$47K - $27K$73K united states ..44%Export
The Kreativ Co.

we help high-level busine..

1 Employees$35K - $44K$93K united states ..66%Export
Definitive Style Exclusiv..

founded on the basis of c..

1 Employees$3K - $20K$96K united states ..100%Export
Tigatu Clothing Company

freedom from ordinary

1 Employees$41K - $37K$75K united states ..59%Export

les utopies d'aujourd'hui..

1 Employees$7K - $14K$71K france92%Export

creative agency encompass..

8 Employees$15K - $21K$55K united states ..78%Export

done did it since mcmxcvi..

5 Employees$31K - $3K$50K united states ..79%Export
Soapily Ever After

5 Employees$27K - $25K$68K united states ..27%Export
Who? Art Lab

ʟᴇᴛ'ꜱ ɢᴇᴛ ᴡᴇɪʀᴅ creatiin..

3 Employees$12K - $22K$97K united states ..77%Export

1 Employees$3K - $3K$64K united states ..48%Export

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Using Big Cartel for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies utilizing Big Cartel offers significant value for sales teams aiming to find high-quality leads within the ecommerce sector. Given the popularity of Big Cartel as a cloud-hosted ecommerce platform, the companies featured on this list expose a ready-made market of potential customers who appreciate cutting-edge ecommerce solutions.

The value of this list lies in its potential to unlock new business opportunities. By identifying companies that already use Big Cartel, sales professionals gain the upper hand with tailor-made, informed, and appealing pitches for complementary or superior products and services. This prequalification reduces the need for extensive research and streamlines outreach efforts, thus maximizing the use of sales resources.

Moreover, the list is an asset for sales teams as it sheds light on ecommerce trends and allows for benchmarking. It assists by revealing the type of businesses that choose Big Cartel, helping sales teams to refine their target customer profiles and nurturing strategies.

Irrespective of whether the goal is to pitch an integration for the Big Cartel platform, or to offer auxiliary services like digital marketing or ecommerce consulting, understanding who is on the Big Cartel platform is a step towards pinpointing prospects. Ultimately, this list enables a more direct and educated approach towards prospecting leads in the dynamic world of ecommerce.

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