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Better Stack provides a comprehensive solution for organizations to effectively oversee their digital infrastructure. As an all-in-one infrastructure monitoring platform, it offers a wide array of features including incident management, uptime monitoring, and status pages.

The incident management function seamlessly tracks and reports on any problems or issues that arise within an organization's digital infrastructure. It is a crucial tool for swiftly detecting, responding to, and resolving incidents to maintain the smooth operation of systems and applications.

Uptime monitoring is another critical feature provided by Better Stack. It monitors the operational time or availability of a website, application or another digital service. If a monitored service goes down, Better Stack will promptly notify the necessary individuals or teams, enabling them to swiftly address the problem and minimize downtime.

Status pages are an additional key part of Better Stack's offering. These display the current status and overall health of an organization's services in real-time. Status pages can be published publicly or privately, keeping stakeholders informed about the availability and performance of digital services.

By leveraging Better Stack's capabilities, organizations can proactively manage their IT infrastructure, reducing the risk of disruptions and ensuring a smoother, more reliable user experience. All these functionalities come together to provide a comprehensive view of system health and operational performance.

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63 companies are currently using Better Stack



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Better Stack

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This curated list of companies utilizing Better Stack is a dynamic resource, intended to add tremendous value for sales teams scouting for potential leads. It essentially serves as a focused target market database, populated exclusively with organizations that have recognized the importance of infrastructure monitoring and incident management.

This repository is a gold mine for businesses striving to offer complementary solutions or services. Because the included companies already invest in a platform like Better Stack, it's evident they value high-level monitoring, transparent status updates, and proactive incident management. This understanding can provide insights into their pain points and potential needs, enabling a finely tuned sales approach.

For teams offering similar, adjacent, or enhanced solutions compared to Better Stack, this list could symbolize potential clients that are predisposed to the value proposition. These companies already appreciate the benefits of technology like this, so they are more likely to be open to discussions and potentially exploring alternatives or additional tools.

Furthermore, this compendium can passively assist the segmentation of the sales strategy. It can help identify patterns or trends among industries, company sizes, or geographical locations, investing in Better Stack. Such data could inform targeted sales campaign development, and further optimize resource utilization and effectiveness.

The value of this Better Stack user list goes beyond mere names and addresses. It provides sales teams with a strategic advantage, enabling them to engage in more impactful and insightful conversations with potential leads. As the world becomes more digitally connected, understanding a prospect's technology stack can empower teams to connect on a deeper, more solution-oriented level.

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