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AWStats is a free and open-source web analytics tool that generates advanced web server statistics analysis reports. It analyzes log files from web, FTP, mail servers, and other sources to provide comprehensive statistics about website visitors, including their geographical locations, browser types, operating systems, referral sites, search engines used, and more. AWStats provides detailed and interactive graphical reports in HTML and PDF formats, making it easy for website owners to track and analyze traffic data. It also supports multiple languages and can be configured to run on most web server platforms, including Apache, Nginx, and IIS. AWStats does not require any external database or plugins to operate, and it stores all data locally on the server. This makes it a popular choice among users who want to keep full control of their website's data without relying on third-party services.

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4 companies are currently using AWStats


Chickamauga Cherokee

3 Employees$6K - $48K$83K united states ..68%Export
Berkeley Hall Marshall Li..

- Employees$12K - $1K$93K united kingdom..12%Export
1550 Gallery

- Employees$4K - $11K$60K united states ..70%Export
Steinkellner Decorating C..

- Employees$39K - $46K$76K united states ..39%Export

Using AWStats for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing AWStats provides valuable insights for sales teams seeking to capitalize on this specific market segment. This collection of information acts as a powerful lead generation tool, presenting numerous opportunities to target businesses currently employing or seeking expertise in AWStats.

The presence of a company on this list indicates its interest in or need for robust, full-featured open source web analytics, implying a broader requirement for web technology solutions that can enhance, streamline, or secure digital properties.

As AWStats users already have made a strategic choice to invest in web analytics, they demonstrate an understanding of the importance of data-driven decision making. Therefore, these companies may be more receptive to products or services that enhance their existing capabilities, solve challenges related to web analytics, or further promote data-driven approaches.

This list also serves as a barometer of market trends, indicating which industry sectors might be more inclined to utilize AWStats. By observing the industry distribution of the list, sales teams can identify key verticals to target, therefore optimizing their operational efficiency.

Having access to this list also allows sales teams to conduct more targeted and personalized outreach, thereby increasing the likelihood of securing a successful interaction. Armed with this information, sales efforts can focus on prospects that have a known interest in web analytics and, specifically, AWStats. This reduces time spent on unproductive leads and increases overall sales team efficiency.

In summation, a list of companies using AWStats is an essential resource for sales teams, providing a landscape of potential clients, showcasing industry trends, and offering a starting point for sensible, effective outreach strategies. It's a beacon, illuminating the landscape with relevant and actionable leads.

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