AWS WAF Captcha
AWS WAF Captcha

AWS WAF Captcha is a security feature that helps prevent unwanted bot traffic from accessing AWS WAF protected resources. It works by presenting users with one or more challenges, such as identifying objects in a series of images, before allowing their web requests to proceed. These challenges are designed to be easy for humans to complete, but difficult for bots to solve automatically. By requiring users to successfully complete the challenges, AWS WAF Captcha ensures that only legitimate traffic reaches the protected resources, while blocking malicious bots and automated attacks. This helps to improve the overall security and performance of web applications, by reducing the load on servers and preventing attacks such as denial-of-service (DoS) and credential stuffing.

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How to use AWS WAF Captcha

AWS WAF Captcha is a feature available in AWS WAF that helps to protect your web resources from unwanted bot traffic by adding an additional layer of security. To use AWS WAF Captcha, you need to configure it on AWS WAF Rules.

To get started, you first need to create a new rule using the AWS WAF Console or the AWS WAF API. Once you have created the rule, you can then add an AWS WAF Captcha statement to it. The AWS WAF Captcha statement is used to specify the challenge that users must complete before accessing your web resources.

The challenge presented to the user typically involves providing some kind of proof that they are human, such as solving a simple puzzle or typing in a sequence of characters. Once the challenge has been successfully completed, the user's request will be allowed to reach your web resources. Otherwise, if the user fails to solve the challenge, their request will be blocked.

It is important to note that while AWS WAF Captcha is an effective way to block unwanted bot traffic, it can also affect the user experience of legitimate users. Therefore, it is recommended to use it selectively and only on the specific resources that require additional protection.

In addition to AWS WAF Captcha, AWS WAF provides other features such as rate limiting, IP blocking, and SQL injection protection to help secure your web resources against common threats. By combining these features with AWS WAF Captcha, you can build a comprehensive defense against malicious traffic and protect your web resources from being compromised.

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