Automatad is a digital media products company that offers various programmatic monetization solutions. Their suite of products includes tools for header bidding, ad server optimization, and yield management. These technologies help publishers optimize their advertising revenue by increasing competition among advertisers and maximizing the value of each impression. Automatad's products are designed to be easy to use and integrate with existing publishing workflows, allowing publishers to focus on creating great content while maximizing their earnings potential. Overall, Automatad provides an all-in-one solution for publishers looking to increase their advertising revenue through programmatic advertising.

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51 Companies using Automatad

Live the World

the first slow travel gui..

9$29K - $29K$96K belgium81%
The Western Journal

The Western Journal is a ..

33$19K - $37K$17M united states ..38%

more ideas. less waste.

13$48K - $13K$518K united states ..69%
The News Minute

unlocking the power for d..

42$12K - $25K$4M india93%

Substance of print, Reach..

116$36K - $3K$85K india20%
NOW Toronto

Toronto’s best source for..

86$28K - $43K$354K canada52%
The Georgia Straight

vancouver's news and ente..

29$30K - $45K$73K canada30%

Supporting Military famil..

16$36K - $29K$86K united states ..94%

VeteranLife is living car..

2$48K - $13K$224K united states ..69%

94$25K - $47K$0 united states ..79%
Agrowon Agrotech - Sakal ..

Established in April, 200..

93$12K - $43K$62K india4%
Down To Earth India

36$25K - $25K$84K india84%
History Scotland

explore scotland's incred..

3$16K - $34K$80K united kingdom..67%

a world of inspiration fo..

65$7K - $35K$2M united kingdom..79%
The Western Journal en Es..

Una empresa de medios que..

1$48K - $9K$17M -60%

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How to use Automatad

Automatad is a digital media products company that offers a suite of programmatic monetisation solutions. These solutions help publishers to effectively manage and maximize their ad revenue across various channels, including display, video, mobile, and native.

To use Automatad's programmatic monetisation solutions, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Contact Automatad: Visit the Automatad website and fill out their contact form to get in touch with their team. A representative will then reach out to you to discuss your requirements in detail.

  2. Integration: Once you have decided to work with Automatad, their team will help you integrate their programmatic monetisation solutions into your website or app.

  3. Setup: After integration, Automatad's team will guide you through the process of setting up your account and configuring your ad units, targeting rules, pricing, and reporting settings.

  4. Optimization: Once your account is set up, Automatad's platform automatically optimizes your ad inventory to deliver maximum revenue. Their machine learning algorithms analyze real-time data to serve the most relevant ads to your audience and improve the performance of your ad units.

  5. Reporting: You can access detailed reports on your ad performance, revenue, and other metrics through the Automatad dashboard. This helps you track your progress and make informed decisions about how to further optimize your ad strategy.

Automatad's programmatic monetisation solutions are designed to be easy to use and require minimal manual intervention. By leveraging their technology and expertise, publishers can maximize their ad revenue while focusing on creating great content for their audience.

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