Companies using Audiohook

Audiohook is a company that focuses on programmatic audio advertising. This means that they use automated systems to buy and sell audio advertisements, allowing for more efficient and targeted ad placements. Audiohook's technology enables advertisers to reach their desired audience through various streaming services and media platforms. By leveraging data and analytics, Audiohook can optimize campaigns in real-time, ensuring that clients get the most value from their advertising spend. Overall, Audiohook's programmatic approach to audio advertising streamlines the process while providing better targeting and performance than traditional methods.

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195 companies are currently using Audiohook



skincare powered by pepti..

67 Employees$41K - $26K$80K united states ..84%Export
Once Upon A Farm

organic, cold-pressed sna..

160 Employees$15K - $36K$92K united states ..93%Export

73 Employees$39K - $11K$56K united states ..55%Export

puori stands for pure ori..

38 Employees$31K - $31K$91K denmark14%Export
Midi Health

expert care for women 40+..

161 Employees$13K - $10K$68K united states ..5%Export
Stash Tea Company

stash. a little bag of cr..

42 Employees$47K - $42K$79K united states ..96%Export
Kerrits Equestrian Appare..

we're a team of horse ent..

28 Employees$3K - $6K$53K united states ..51%Export
Cafe Rio Mexican Grill

home of the original swee..

1,361 Employees$17K - $26K$75K united states ..81%Export

providing access to perso..

48 Employees$39K - $2K$99K united states ..63%Export
Sheets & Giggles

love at first night

8 Employees$38K - $41K$71K united states ..84%Export
Jhana, a FranklinCovey co..

bite-sized learning for m..

14 Employees$32K - $15K$63K united states ..91%Export
Something Borrowed Blooms..

own the memories, rent th..

18 Employees$34K - $5K$93K united states ..29%Export

carry less. live more.

171 Employees$41K - $39K$73K united states ..100%Export
Laboratoires Expanscience..

well-being is in our hand..

19 Employees$45K - $9K$68K united states ..42%Export
MIRA Safety

technology for utility, p..

14 Employees$50K - $4K$78K united states ..37%Export

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Using Audiohook for finding leads

The list of companies using Audiohook showcases a diverse range of businesses that recognize the value in leveraging programmatic audio advertising to reach their target audiences. This variety implies an openness to innovative marketing strategies, signaling potential for partnerships or product improvements that align with this forward-thinking mindset.

For sales teams, understanding who has taken advantage of Audiohook's offerings can provide valuable insights and targeted direction for prospecting efforts. The list essentially functions as a guide to companies that prioritize modern, effective lot advertising solutions - prime targets for products and services that align with or improve upon these advertising strategies.

Furthermore, the list could potentially reveal patterns or trends in certain industries that are more likely to utilize Audiohook's technology. Sales teams might identify common industries, company sizes, or even geographical locations that appear frequently, further refining the targeting process.

In the often complex lead generation and sales cycle, the list can support the execution of a more effective sales strategy. It may help sales teams focus efforts on the kinds of companies that value innovative ad tech, leading to higher probabilities of closing deals.

To study the companies on the list is to gain an understanding of the current market landscape for programmatic audio advertising, which can inform the development of more compelling sales pitches, the alignment of sales tactics with potential clients needs, or even the identification of new market opportunities.

In essence, this list could be a comprehensive guide, facilitating strategic decision-making, improving lead generation, and potentially increasing sales success rates.

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